Panto Season - Passive Life or Passive Income?

by Nick Wymer Actor and network marketer

Panto season is now upon us and in fact I have just got my script through for Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. Amazingly enough I will be performing in Lebanon!!

Pantos are all about audience participation – unlike a lot of theatre, the audience are encouraged to get involved, to be active rather than passive. Interestingly being passive or active applies to the life of an actor and to us all. Many actors sit passively waiting for the the phone to ring and hopefully their agent will have an audition or casting for them. For some the waiting just gets longer and longer and eventually they give up on their acting career and go and do something else, which all too frequently is something that they really hate – most surveys show very few people enjoy their work and if they won the lottery they would quit their job immediately!

And this applies not only to actors, many people feel they are spectators in their own life story. They feel buffeted and tossed around by life, unable to exert any influence on the direction of their lives.

Everyone deserves to do something they are passionate about, something that they love, something they would do whether they were paid or not. Wouldn’t it be great if you loved your work so much, that if you won the lottery, you would still want to go to work the next day and the day after that, because there was nothing else you would rather do?

So how can we all manage to become the authors of our own lives? How can we take control and decide where we want to be, what we want to be doing, who we spend time with? How can we experience the satisfaction of a full and fulfilling life?

One way is to learn how to become less actively involved in our income generation, become unnecessary, so that whether we work on any given day or not we still get paid. We need our income to become passive, instead of us being passive bystanders in our own lives. We must develop income streams that flow every day, without our active involvement. And the best place to do this is on-line. There are so many fantastic businesses on-line that allow you to generate passive or residual income.

If you want to know more, then e-mail me: or just click here and David Wood, one of the most prolific online income earners, will tell you how you can create an online income, just by blogging.

You owe yourself a more fulfilled life, the life you always dreamed of and you can get it once you take control, by developing an income stream, that doesn’t require you to work in a dead end job, dependent on a thankless employer. We all deserve!

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