Oppportunities To Become Poor!

by Lemont Wells Web Desinger & Affiliate Marketer
Opportunities To Become Poor!

You may be wondering what does opportunities to become poor mean! Well lets take a look at what’s going on  the internet today.  Millions of people each day come online looking for ways to earn extra income they visit literally hundreds of websites in search of the right program  where in they will make a ton of money some want to make it  over night others want  a long term income program.
But nearly all of those people do the very same thing they  search to become poor or poorer than they are already why simply put those people spend all there time online searching for the right program they spend hundreds of hours reading  marketing plans, blogs,  the latest scam on I Got The Business Building Program! Just pay $49.95 etc. Once they order it they spend additional days and hours trying to figure how come it don’t work for them all the while there going broke.

They don’t even realize how much  time they spend  reading programs. Instead they could have taken one or  two of those programs and tired their product or service and  started building one of them. But instead  they just keep on reading the Hype that’s sent to them in emails etc, keep joining new programs never actually starting anything  only thing they actually ever do is join the latest Marketing Service Scam that just came out online. You the ones  that show those Fake Click Bank income pages where te person is making $200 to $500 a hour etc.
But little do the gullible person knows that anyone who know how to use photo shop or any other  web program for building web pages or pictures could make those same type page  and throw them up on a site.
 These are the people that joins 3 or 4 of those marketing programs a month but at the end of the day they forgot they never actually joined  or started a  online business to use the marketing services they paid all that money for  because they are too busy visiting the newest home business opportunity that launched today
That is the receipt for total opportunities to become poor or poorer than you already are! Stop ordering, joining advertising & Marketing Guru programs.

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Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I totally agree with you Lemont. Loosing your money was never more easy. However there are some paid advertising co-op programs that are very good and that are run not by "Gurus" but people that actually know what they are doing. I am still amazed how people get blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes and simply believe everything 'gurus' tell them. Did you ever see an employment ad for a brick and morter business making the same type of redicolous statements make-tons-of-money-while-you-sleep-no-skills-required-you-keep-all-the-profit? Of course not. And if there were nobody would apply. Yet people believe this can be true for online opps.
Sep 19th 2012 21:35   
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