New Relationship Advice - Tips For Having A Healthy Relationship

It seems that no matter where you turn everyone has relationship advice. Strangers in the grocery store lines will be quick to give out unsolicited advice. Young people, old people - all have pearls of wisdom when it comes to relationship advice.

There are some people that are well equipped to give advice, and there are some people well they should simply leave well enough alone. Sometimes you get so much conflicting advice it is hard to pick which piece to listen to.

When you are seeking any type of advice a good rule of thumb is to seek it from someone that you respect.

Professional Advice

There are professionals that dedicate their entire careers to studying and understanding human relationships. These professionals can give some really good advice. They typically have extensive formal education and have been doling out sound advice for awhile it is after all their job to give good advice.


No one likes to hear that their parents are a good sound source of relationship advice, but really when you think about it, even if you do not believe it, parents or the folks that have raised you know you the best.

Asking your parents for their opinion on how a relationship should be handled is a good way to get honest feedback about your failings, because most parents are wiling to point out your shortcomings. They can provide you with insight into your own personality flaws.

They can also be rather sympathetic to your cause and may be able to provide you with some understanding that you may not get from other supporters in your life.


Turning to friends for relationship advice should be tempered with common sense. Obviously asking a friend that has been married and divorced a few times is probably not the go to person for advice of this nature. A serial monogamous can probably tell you all the ways to break up with someone, but usually are not the best person to advise you of how to keep it together.

Friends are always well meaning but they may not be the best place to expect up front honest advice, if you are at fault in the relationship they may not want to be frank with you so that they don't hurt you feelings.

There are plenty of places that you can get some unbiased advice. If you are concerned about anonymity you can always turn to online advice forums. You do not have to identify yourself, and you can post the problem with the internet as your key to anonymity.

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