Michael Dadoun, The CEO Of Montreal-Based Upclick, Is An Experienced And Educated Leader

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The primary responsibility for providing effective strategic leadership is vested at the top, that is, the CEO. He/she is vested with the responsibility of formulating and implementing strategies of the organization. The CEO takes most of the strategic initiative in the company and participates in the process of formulation of strategic plans. Strategic decisions by the leader influence how far corporate goals will be achieved. Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal-based UpClick.

He heads a modern organization and understands well that complexity of tasks, issues, and challenges in a modern firm require participative and collaborative decision making. When all the decisions are made by the CEO alone, managerial hubris sets in. Research shows that under such circumstances, leaders usually start to think themselves as infallible. Filled with a grandeur sense of self-importance, they are more likely to make errors and bad strategic decisions. CEOs and top executives need to have self-confidence, but they must not allow it to become arrogance and develop a false belief in their invincibility.


Top and experienced leaders understand that next to leadership style, organizational culture plays the most important role in the success of an organization. Leaders like Michael Dadoun, who is the CEO of fast growing e-commerce company UpClick, know that culture of an organization is not created by declaration, but mostly by unwritten or unstated assumptions, values, beliefs, and attitude. His hard work and passion has created a culture of shared feelings and shared thinking in UpClick.

Working in a modern organization is not easy, let alone lead it. Day in and day out, you have to handle a lot of stress that in due course of time can turn into a severe strain. Stress can negatively affect your emotion as well as your mood. Stressful daily events like excessively demanding clients, unorganized work culture, tight budget, and tough deadlines can sap all your energy and make you feel lousy and drowsy. A good leader should be highly efficient in handling stress and should possess the ability to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

Modern and extremely knowledgeable workers are increasingly demanding more autonomy and less intervention from their superiors. Workers want a certain degree of freedom, independence, and choice with respect to their work and the best method to approach it. Good leaders like Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal-based UpClick, are reducing hierarchy and going for an organization that promotes autonomy and higher job satisfaction. Workers in Dadoun's organization are not made to feel like a robot.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal-based UpClick, is a leader who knows how to preserve the core values and ideologies of his organization while allowing change to take place. He stimulates growth and development through challenging objectives, purposeful evaluation, and continuous self-improvement.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal-based UpClick, is a responsible, dependable, persistent, and highly-oriented person. He is a leader who creates alignment by translating core values into organizational goals, strategies, and practices. Michael Dadoun allows diverse thinking and encourages new ideas.

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