Men's Health Tips: Sauna, Mobile phone and Driving can Influence Men’s Reproductive Health

by Kylinzhao Zhao yamateh

According to the surveys, the rate men suffer from reproductive diseases in our country is about 55%, among which infertility rate is as high as 5%. About 68% couples can’t get pregnant normally because of men’s urogenital system infection. As a result, men’s reproductive health has become an important social problem.
The causes leading to men’s reproductive health are very complicated, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, reproductive tract infections, malnutrition, alcohol, excessive sexual intercourse, etc. Once urogenital system gets infected, men’s sperm quality and quantity will decline which may cause infertility. Apart from the above reasons, some fashionable living habits can also cause reproductive health problems for male, such as sauna, mobile phone and driving.

A.    Sauna
It can eliminate fatigue and relax one’s body if one have sauna occasionally, which is helpful for one’s health. However, if one have sauna regularly, it will affect male’s fertility function. So sauna is often described as the "invisible killer" of sperm. The temperature of sauna water is too high, and one should soak perineum into the water during sauna. If men’s testicular is under high temperature environment in long-term, it can reduce the survival rate of sperm which may lead to male infertility finally. It’s suggested to have sauna less than 10 minutes every time and the temperature should not exceed 90 ℃.
B.     Using mobile phone
With the progress of the society, the development of science and technology, and the accelerated pace of people’s life, one can’t live without mobile phone basically. It is a normal phenomenon for those busy office workers to keep mobile phone in boom status 24 hours. However, nobody will consider how much damage the mobile phone can bring to people. Studies have shown that mobile phone has had a huge destructive power on male reproductive system. The quantity one mature man using mobile phone produces are 50% than men without using mobile phone. Even worse, some male often put mobile phone on his belt or in pocket; it will seriously affect the normal growth of the sperm and greatly reduce the rate of getting pregnant. Thus, it’s suggested to stay away form mobile phone for those mature men who haven’t have baby.
C.    Driving
One may just think it’s so comfortable to drive his own car for outside travelling in a beautiful and sunny day. What they don’t know is that some “killer” appear at the same time they enjoy his good time. The hidden “killer” may kill much quantity of his valuable sperm quietly. Researchers have discovered that the sperm quality and reproductive ability of taxi drivers, truck drivers, and professional drivers are lower than men without driving. If one drive for a long time, it can reduce the blood circulation function for male’s genital area which may lead to chronic prostate congestion and cause prostatitis accordingly. It’s suggested not to drive for a long time for all males and one should get off the car and have a break for about 10 minutes after driving 1-2 hours.
As urogenital system is so important for men, one should pay much attention to it and try to keep far away from those bad habits above in their daily life.


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