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Video marketing is a similar method of marketing in which you create a variety of content and syndicate it to as many sites as possible to attract prospects to your website. The process is very much the same article marketing. Video marketing, however, is more powerful than article marketing because video has something that the written word doesn't--visuals that can stir emotion and create a whole new level of marketing power!
Video Marketing Benefits:
Sharing Your Content – The more videos you create and share with other video sites, the more you will be seen by countless thousands and perhaps millions of viewers if your video goes viral! Remember, keep your videos creative and try to think outside of the box! The more engaging the video, the more you are likely to draw more viewers!
Building Your Reputation - Video is the best medium to build your presence online. It doesn't matter what subject matter the videos contain, they are still king of the search engines and the internet. Video can develop a level of tone to your presentations that causes your audiences to engage with you more effectively, thus producing a long lasting effect in their mind.
Call to Action – Videos are better than links on a website, especially when you are placing a 'Call to Action' element on your page. They can boost views, site staying times and ultimately sales. Speak your message to your audience and let them experience what you are trying to convey.
Video Marketing: Step by Step
There are three very simple steps to the video marketing process:
1. Create Your Video – You can record yourself talking or you could do a powerpoint presentation as you narrate in the background. Either way, you can accurately get your message across to your viewers. You can try Cam Studio or Windows Movie Maker. You can use Camtasia which is a paid video software package.
2. Optimize – Just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you definitely want to optimize your videos so that they receive as much traffic as possible. Optimize your Title, Description and Tags the same way you would optimize your blog or website.
3. Publish it Everywhere – Although YouTube is a great place to syndicate your content, it isn't the only place. You'd definitely want to distribute your content to as many places as possible. We recommend using Tube Mogul or other multi-syndicate video platforms.
Video Optimization Tips
1. Make your title count
Just like a headline to a blog post, video titles can pull powerful traffic. There are two main reasons why the title is so important. One, a great title can instantly grab a viewer's attention. Two, when you use the appropriate keywords in your title, you are more likely to show up on search engines when people are searching for your topic. Always keep this in mind, Google owns YouTube so there's a story connection between video and searching.
2. Provide engaging content
Providing engaging content is a must in video content, but remember to keep your videos short and to the point. If videos are too long you can run the risk of losing the viewer's attention. So unless you have a wealth of content keep it simple and sweet!
3. Include your URL in your video
One easy feature is to add a text box to your video. This is where you can display your website address and it's a great way to get exposure.
4. Go beyond YouTube
Make sure to always embed your video on your own website and use the many other video hosting platforms that are out there. A simple search on Google will yield huge results.
Supercharge Your Videos For Success
To make sure your videos stand out above all the clutter on the web, here are a few strategies that will give your videos an extra boost.
Create a Campaign
To get noticed, think beyond stand-alone videos. For greater reach and exposure, create a series of content-rich videos that you publish regularly. Not only will this create a great synergy around your content, but it will also allow you to build upon your brand identity as each video is released.
Always Include a Call to Action
Never miss the opportunity to ask your viewers to take some type of action at the end of your video. You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, go to a specific website, leave a comment about your video or visit your blog. If your video is engaging, you'll likely have their full attention--make sure to take advantage of it!
Don't Make a Sales Pitch
There is a lot of sales clutter on the web and you want to make sure you come out above it. There is nothing wrong with selling your products or services, but use your video to define a problem, discuss solutions and support others—when you combine the three, your video will attract the right following.
Ideas to Spark Your Video Creativity
1. Educate
Give your viewers details of the features and benefits they will get.
2. Answer questions
Make yourself available for your prospects and customers by answering their questions.
3. Do a product review
Show your leadership authority by conducting a review of your product or opportunity. Make it as neutral as possible. Unbiased opinions carry more weight!
4. Grow your list
You can grow your contact list by making a video of a giveaway or gift. In exchange, people can provide their information.
5. Tell a story
People love stories. They are able to relate to life stories, if you show them a great outcome and show them how to enhance their business success.
6. Debunk myths
Many people, particularly inexperienced marketers online, adopt many myths about the industry. Your job as a leader and video authority is to debunk those myths and provide the real truth.
7. Do a screen capture or a quick training
I can guarantee you will enjoy making your first video. You will enjoy watching your progress as you get better over time. Take your time and practice. Take as many retakes as necessary, until you feel perfection is near. Post the funny videos too, just get the point across quickly and move on to the next concept.
Below are some of the more popular high ranking video hosting sites. You can use them to upload your content. Please be sure to follow their rules and regulations.
Multiple Video Syndicator
Already available and free video maker - Windows Movie Maker is available on most PCs. Click the Start button and type 'Windows Movie Maker' into the search bar to bring up the program. For more information about Video Marketing please stay logged in to Click Paid as we will be adding more in depth training very soon!

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