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Several Chinese medicines are present in the market for the past more than thousand years. But, this kind of herbal medicine has recently started becoming so popular in the West. It is said that this kind of Chinese herb is found to be practiced for the betterment of the regular health. This kind of medicine is very much beneficial to help maintain one’s body, balance steady energy all over the day and build strong immunity. Use of this Chinese herb can be found alone or in combination with other herbs. In this case, few herbs are found to be used alone in order to fulfill certain medicinal purposes. Various herbal plants are usually blended into formulae, which would be beneficial for the patient after considering several aspects of this medicinal product in the healthcare industry.

This kind of herb in the Chinese system comes with four basic healing properties: nature, effect, taste and affinity. In case of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nature of any herb is being described as per the Yin or Yan characteristic. In that matter, Yang herbs are found to be warming in nature and they are used to treat cold related problems. Use of these herbs can be seen in the treatment of skin, upper respiratory tract or extremities. On the contrary, Yin herbs are found with cooling properties and they are used for conditions of extra heat. Use of these herbs is generally found for internal conditions. Even, many herbs with neutral characteristic can be found in the nature.

Chinese herb can also be found in terms of the five flavors: sweet, bitter, salty, sour or spicy. Taste of any herb does not refer to its flavor; rather, they can be beneficial depending on its effect on qi, fluids, blood and phlegm. When it is the matter of sour herbs; then, they would come as a concentrating action. This kind of Chinese herb can be used to treat excess conditions like, diarrhea. Several bitter herbs are also present with eliminating or downward moving action. These herbs are used to treat the heart, constipation and cough. Wide harmonizing effect can be seen from sweet or bland herbs. These herbs are found with restorative property. Many spicy herbs are found to treat blood related problem or circulation of energy. These herbs are found to be very much stimulating. Many salty herbs are found with softening action and they are used for the treatment of constipation or other digestive issues.

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