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Clixsense is a proven method in the industry that allows website publishers to get quality traffic to their sites.

Provides browsing Clixsense developed a system to bring visitors to the sites of our advertisers. Cost users up to $ 0.02 for each website visited.

Details of the program

There are four different types of ads, each with a different commission.

Standard premium

Micro $ 0.0002 $ 0.0004

Mini $ 0010 $ 0020

Standard of $ 0.0020, $ 0040

Range, $ 0040 0080 $

For Premium members ClixSense provides $ 0.2 after 20 clicks. Standard members do not earn commissions.

Premium Updates

Each time you update direct referrals, you will not soon paid $ 2.00! If you are a Premium user, and if you see other references, which also updates the moment you have paid $ 1.00 for every upgrade through the 8 levels! You just paid for doing nothing!

Level # 1 $ 2.00 $ 2.00

Level # 2 - $ 1.00

Level 3 - $ 1.00

Level 4 - $ 1.00

Level 5 - $ 1.00

Level # 6 - $ 1.00

Level 7 - $ 1.00

Level # 8 - $ 1.00

Register Here :

How: Click the ads and let them stay open for 30 seconds, paid $ 0.01-$ 5 each.

Reference: $ 0.1 in connection with the registration and 10% of their income from referral € ™ s. Earn reference potential is $ 366.50!

Payment: by check each month. The minimum payment of $ 10.

Update: (optional): $ 10 for the entire year. Learn more by clicking on ads!

Pros: Good reputation and integrity, NOT scam

High rates of distribution of profits to Premium

Cons: a little victory, and therefore less free ads for members

SA free to join home bizprogram that pays you to allow your browser remains open for 30 seconds while you do what you do. They pay you $ 0.01 $ 5 at home. At the end of the month if your account reaches $ 10, they send you a check. Limit of $ 10 may be higher if you wish. Even if they pay up to $ 5, 80-90% of ads are worth $ 0.01, while the rest is worth $ 0.02, $ 0.03 depending on how much the advertiser chooses to use . $ 5 ad is better not to be expected.

Joining is (once again) free and you can immediately start earning money from home. Members are free (and non-premium members) will receive 10 cents for every thing and get $ 2 if they have a direct reference to the share premium account updates. You can also continue to receive 10% of ad revenue from your referrals purchases.

But it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to premium membership for only $ 10, while 90% of ads are available only to premium members that have been shown to have a purchasing power of the Internet. How can they know? Well, the upgrade premium account be done using a credit card or bank account online.

The upgrade should be done, really. Reviewing and selecting Ads 2 sessions per day, each hour, it pays for itself the first month after easily. Thatâ € ™ s not all, as someone PREMIUM MEMBERS direct referrals upgrade their account premium membership, you are instantly paid $ 2 for that members upgrade. When the State refers a new member, which updates the premium you are instantly paid $ 1 to ignore the Commission. You just paid for doing nothing! Even better, the same scenario that pays five levels, which allows you to earn more than $ 300 per month!

Hera € ™ s how it works:

Leta € ™ s take a look at what happens if you were to refer only five new members to and only three of those members upgrade to a premium account. Wea € ™ ll use the same scenario through all five levels:

First, you are on your own level. You are guaranteed payment for each ad and click View to only 30 seconds.

Level One - You talked about five new free membership = 50 cents. Now, 3 of them upgade you earn another $ 6.00. Total to date is $ 6.50 plus your paid to click ads.

Level two - Each of your referrals refer 5 free members of which three of every premium account upgrade. The total is now $ 15.50! (A $ 6.50 level and second-level $ 9.)

Level three - These members run as the levels above and relates only to the easy 3 upgrades each. Now, the total income is $ 42.50! ($ 27 level three, and $ 15.50 for levels above.)

Level four - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total compensation is $ 123.50! ($ 81 for level four, and $ 42.50 for levels above.)

Level five - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy upgrade of 3 each. Now your total compensation is $ 366.50! ($ 243.00 for level five, and $ 123.50 for levels above.)

When upgraded, the number of clicks available, to date, less than 10 to nearly 200 immediately. If you are a U.S. resident, can be almost 500. After that, the number of clicks is 50 to 100 per day.

It may not be interesting for you who live outside the United States, but remember that? € ™ s always a referral bonus! Get in line to win by promoting your affiliate link to U.S. citizens and have paid as much as U.S. citizens themselves!

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