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by Ram K. Markeitng Manager
Though Himachal Pradesh is situated in a remote part of the country, it has an active community of journalists and publishers. Magazines and newspapers are published in more than one language and are reaching to almost all extent of Hindi speaking states. It is a famous tourist place and the tourism industry of the state offers perfect services to meet the needs of the guests coming for the visit. This article will help you learn more about the state while mentioning various important factors that you should consider as a tourist.

The residents of Himachal are termed as ‘Himachalis’. They wear colorful dresses that will strike your eyes as you pass through; but more than the dresses people of Himachal are quite welcoming and friendly in nature. Population is a mixed one comprising of Hindus, Tribal, Buddhists, Tibetan, Muslim, Christian and Sikhs. Though Hindi is the state language, majority of the residents speak Pahari and are engaged with the field works. The dress up of people has become a mixed one as the traditional attire blended gracefully with the modern designs. Their houses are typically constructed with clay bricks and slate roofs while in hilly areas houses are built of stone and timber.
Art and Craft:
The art and craft of Himachalis reflects their talent and is really worth appreciating. Some of their art works include carpets, leather works, shawls, paintings, wood works and metal ware including utensils, idols and jewelleries. A tribe by the name Dom manufactures bamboo items like boxes, sofas, chairs, baskets, rack etc. Clay pots and colourful Himachali caps are another famous work of art found here.
Music and Dance:
People of Himachal retreat God through their dance and music during special occasions which shows that their musical culture revolves around religion. Himachal doesn’t have classical music but its folk music ranges from romance, chivalry and changing seasons. Various musical instruments like Ranasingha, Karna, Turhi, Flute, Kindari, Chimta, Ghunghru etc. are frequently used by the artists of Himachal.
Fairs and Festivals:
There are a number of fairs and festivals during which the religious and cultural faith of the people can be easily seen and felt. During these festivals people wear colourful dresses, accessories and mingle freely with their kins. The major festivals includes Kullu Dussehra, Shivratri fair, Minjar fair, Renuka fair, Lavi Trade fair, Holi fair and Naina Devi fair.

The dishes of Himachal residents are similar to those of north Indians but non-vegetarian items are more famous here and spicy food is always preferred. Earlier, potatoes and turnips were the only vegetables they used but now green vegetables have gradually replaced them. The cuisine of Himachal is not as rich as the other states of the country but there are some dishes that offer a wide range of lip smacking savory food items that you must try during your visit. Pateer, Chouck, Bhagjery and Chutney of Til are some of such famous dishes. The dishes of Himachal have significant influence of Punjabi and Tibetan style of cooking. They also celebrate the food festival called Dham which attracts tourist from far and wide.
So visit Himachal, watch various art forms of people and collect as many memories of your visit as you can. Do enjoy the folk dance and music and pick up a few notes and steps from the artists. There are many dedicated consultants who will offer you complete solutions like help in deciding where and what your next destination will be. They will also provide you with the information on various travelling options and sights.

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