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The process of knowing how to write a good college paper may seem to be a tricky and particularly elusive one for you. However, it really does not need to be that way. In fact, learning how to write one is quite easy if you know the right steps and do them the right way. In this article, you will find a series of steps that have been curated by leading college assignment helpers from all the over world. This is the process they themselves follow when composing assignments. Read on below to discover these steps.

1. First, try to understand the question

Most professors will give you a list of topics you can choose from. These will come with an additional set of rules and regulations that you will have to follow throughout the writing process. So before you start writing, it is imperative that you go through this question paper carefully and try your best to understand what you are being asked to do. This is inclusive of taking the right approach to the topic given, understanding the instructions given and following the formatting rules. If you get confused, then college assignment helpers recommend that you speak with your professor.

2. Pick a topic and brainstorm ideas

The next step of how to write a good college paper is choosing the right topic from the list given. This topic, first and foremost, should interest you. Secondly, it should also have enough material available on it. If your chosen topic fulfills the criteria, you can proceed to brainstorming ideas on how you will approach the topic. As you know, a topic can be interpreted and presented in various ways, and the wise thing for you to do will be to pick a slant, which is original and for which you can find ample evidence.

3. Write the outline of your essay

After you have picked your topic and done your research on it, move on to creating a solid outline for your college paper. To create an outline, you will have to sift through the ideas that you brainstormed as well as the research material you have gathered. Remember to divide your outline into three sections – namely the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. This outline will lend a concrete structure to your paper and will help in the organic flow of your ideas so that your paper is an easy read for your audience.

4. Begin writing

Once your outline is out of the way, do not procrastinate and stall the writing process. Start writing immediately. The points you have thought of will still be fresh in your mind, and it will be easier to give them structure. Put down all the information and arguments you have if you don't know where or how to start it. Once you start what you have written, you'll be easily able to mould your essay and give it direction. Remember to write in a formal way with no short forms and abbreviations. If you can, try and throw in some quotes, fact and figures to back up your arguments.

5. Proofread everything you have written

Every single word written by you, down to the smallest articles, should be proofread by you. Proofreading will help in the elimination of any errors you may have made while writing your copy, be it grammatical, spelling errors or logic-based ones. However, do not attempt to proofread your paper with a tired mind. Do it the next day with a fresh mind so that you get new perspectives that can help in the enhancement of your paper.

There’s one last bonus step that can really help your paper shine through the crowd of the several copies that your professor will be receiving – and that is to get feedback on your paper. Let your friend or a classmate read your paper to determine whether it’s comprehensible and easily readable by others. If it is, then you have written a brilliant college paper.


Writing papers in college is the norm. However, for freshers, this task may seem overwhelming as they have no idea how to write a paper. They can learn the steps of writing one through this article and succeed in writing a good essay.

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Dr Erica Hartman is a renowned English professor in Australia. She currently is guest lecturing in several universities while working as a college assignment helper with If you want to learn how to write a good college paper from her, then get in touch with her.

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