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Getting leads online can be very rewarding or a great waste of time. The fact of the matter is you have to keep trying or else...

You're in whatever you are in because you believe it is a good opportunity. So why doesn't everybody jump on aboard your offers? Because hustling, hustlers don't work that often.

It's not your fault though.

You and I are conditioned to flock together and promote, promote, promote. What happens? We sign up for each others stuff then sit back upset with dry white lips! Nothing happens that's what!

In the mean while the guru's find fresh fish (newbies) and daily promote to them until they dry up. Then they throw them in our pot where we feast on what's left.

You know, they tell me that you can put frogs in a pot of water on the stove. Gently, turn up the heat until it's too late.

Today is the day we hope out the pot...

Leads Online - What a Guru told me on the Phone

I was so excited, when I found out who was on the other end...

This person maybe bigger to me than you but he makes millions and I had modeled my business after his. That was the only good thing about him as it turns out.

He made me an offer to join forces. A good thing. I told him how I had ideas to use free leads to not only profit from but to take less money and actually help them. A great thing.

He laughed. A bad thing. Then began to explain that people are lemons and lemons only have one use - to be drained completely. A worse thing. He wants rent, food, college fund everything from them (you and I)!

I hung up...

Leads to Some Real People to me

When I hung up I lost a lot. Connections. Money. Friendships. But I still have my soul.

So I really didn't lose anything at all. Would you sell your soul?

When I promote something seriously which I go into great details, that person who joins has to make money! If they follow the details then there is no excuse on my part.

Every dollar I make from someone they should make $10. Does that always happen no. Does it happen most of the time no. Only about 5% of the people will follow proper instructions.


I challenge the 95% if I can to take action. They normally don't but I maintain 60% of my friends (leads) because I want them to succeed. They see that much.

Leads that is a Win - Win

When you sell someone on something that you know in your heart is bad guess what happens? They promote your offer like no other. Negatively! Bad news travel like the speed of light.

Give me 10 friends (leads) that I have made money for, against 1,000 leads that someone ripped off and I will crush them. All day Any day.

Win all the time. Every time. Need, no time. At least going in with that mindset.

Check this site out here for the perfect example on how to get real leads.

And get free leads here daily just for signing up.

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