Jason Ferruggia - Strengthening You Muscles

by Schof Murphy Health Anb Fitness
Along with tail muscles often strengthens the muscles of the upper extremities as well as the abdomen, the center of the body (core) and legs (different side steps and lunges supported equal weights and attitude).
Candlestick: Lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your head and try to lift your chest as high as possible (you can rely on the forehead).

Jason Ferruggia Program:Remain in position and subsequently actively plug by hand, by sliding back towards the pelvis and then and then back up to a right angle with the arm.

All the time the arms are horizontal to the ground strengthens muscles and muscle corset Exercise intensify even lifting his feet off the ground. Repeat 15 times for three sets.
Plane (3 versions) one version of the aircraft is that you lie on your stomach; your hands are linked to the forehead. After you download the glutei muscles and lift your chest as possible. Then return to the starting position.

 In the second scenario, again lie on his stomach and lift as much chest and legs, the hands are at right angles to Muscle Gaining Secrets Cure the shoulders.

Remain in the air for at least three seconds and then return back to a lying position.

The last version of the aircraft is that in the raised position the chest (or even raised legs), move your hands, but this time not down as in the candlestick, but rather up to keep your hands almost touched the outstretched above his head, and then return back to the right angle with the shoulders. Your neck should be relaxed and the head of the entire exercise is directed downward, is an extension of the spine.

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