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A single click and there you go! Whole world is now connected through clicks and comments. Social networking sites have made it pretty easier to stay in touch with our loved ones. But what should one do when simply commenting on pictures or status messages or sharing pictures doesn’t make you close to your loved ones? Here is the solution! Video conferencing is the key that will open all doors between you and your near and dear ones. iVisit video conferencing solutions offer free services that will allow you to have a fact-to-face conversation with people far from you while you are sitting in your living room. You can work together on your projects and it is possible through sharing screen, apps and docs with your friends through web video conferencing service provided by iVisit.

You may find iVisit quite difficult but in real it is not. This technology is very much simpler to understand and simplest to use. You can amalgamate your audio-video conferencing, instant messaging so that you can talk and share your views with your others. One amazing feature iVisit offers is that you can share your desktop screens too. It runs smoothly on mobiles and enables cross carrier and cross platform connectivity.

It’s not only for college students or just handful of people. It can be used for huge slice of population such as employees of an organization. It saves time and energy too. For example, boss can take online meeting with his employees and they need not to stop their working just for the sake of a meeting. Many organizations have tie-ups in foreign countries too. Here with the help of iVisit video conferencing service, these companies can invite their foreign partners to attend the conference. This will definitely augment the transparency in the relationship. You need not to get worried about the cost of the conference communication as this technology provides peer-to-peer (P2P) networking that reduces the cost of the unified communications and online meetings. You can set up iVisit for your workplace as it is quite affordable.

iVisit is not only a technology that enables you to work “together” no matter how far you from your other colleagues are. It saves time as all processes such as training, online meetings, conferencing and other works can be done online. This not only saves time but also help you to communicate effectively with other departments or branches of your company.

iVisit offers numerous benefits but this one surely impress you. Our craving for perfection has enabled us to develop audio-video conferencing and location based services (LBS) between 3G mobile phones and computers. Now it is possible for senior colleagues to interact with their juniors. They can assist them with their work and also keep track of work done by them. Online meetings can be attended via mobile phones also.

iVisit Product Overview :

iVisit Presenter : This is the best way to go social with friends and family. You can share your views, docs and apps with your colleagues. iVisit presenter allows you to make video conferencing with up to 8 people at a time. In addition to group video chat, you can organize multiparty meetings, share presentation, document, and desktop with the participant in the meeting. Along with it you also get chat option, audio calls, collaboration tools, audio-video messaging, cross platform communication, and GPS viewer.

How to start video conference using iVisit Presenter:

Download and install the iVisit Presenter on your PC running under windows operating system.
• Now you need to create an account, for that launch the iVisit Presenter and hit the “create an account” button.
• Enter all the required information asked by them, especially email id because you will receive a confirmation mail on that id and click on “create account button”.
• You will receive an email along with username and temporary password. Login to your account and reset you password. Once done, you are ready to go.
• In order to make video conference, you need to add contacts in your address book. Type the username of person you wish add in your address book and press the “+” button.

• If the added person is online, then a green dot appears next to their name. Click on their username, here you will get option to call or Message or Delete them from your contact list. Click on “Call” button to move further.
• If called person accepts your call, you will be instantly get connected and can begin video conferencing.

iVisit Mobile App: Talk Face to Face with Anyone using Your Mobile Phone

Now you need not to give excuses to your dear ones. iVisit mobile allows you to stay connected with your loved ones over 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can also attend office conference while you are on the way. Along with it, it also have various useful features such as live video chat, multiparty video meeting, push-to-talk, IM, photo sharing, GPS LBS and cross carrier communication.

iVisit for Mac: Connect with your Friends on Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Phone

You are using MAC for your mobile or computer and wondering how to get iVisit video conferencing software, then do not worry as iVisit for MAC is also there. With iVisit, you can have live video chat with multiple people at once. It also allows cross platform communication with iVisit desktop, laptop, or mobile user. So, there is no need to worry, you can have a live conference no matter the device they are using.

iVisit Client Server: Your own Private and Secure Communications Server

Get your own sever that allows you get live audio-video communications. It makes operations secure and efficient. It works smoothly with other iVisit applications such as presenter and also on desktop and mobiles. This iVisit client server is best for small and medium scale businesses. iVisit client server is secure, affordable, flexible, adept and most importantly it is SECURE.

Conclusion: I am head over heels in love with iVisit. It is because of the service it has given me. It is super easy to access its services. You just need to download iVisit then create an account. Then invite users to join. It is as simple as that. There is user guide also that will help a user to get better idea of iVisit Video Conferencing tool.

Additional information:

• To download the iVisit on your corresponding devices simply follow the anchor link.
• For any other information you can visit its official website:

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