Is It True That Winter Weather Causes Facial Wrinkles?

by Angina Berryz writter
When winter sets in, it carries along with it a change to our usual lifestyle. The snowy storm and the icy roads encourage us to spend most of our times indoors. At times, you have to take your children for skiing or sledging. Other times you find yourself almost entirely covered in snow. Have you paused to think of the effects that winter comes with? Winter has diverse effects on our facial skin. The drop in humidity and temperatures results in skin dryness. It usually leads to facial wrinkles. The cold weather also acts as an anti-ageing agent.

Low humidity

Reduced humidity affects the skin significantly with emphasis on the lips and the hands. It is particularly pronounced if you are of old age. The low humidity leads to drying of the skin. When used with harsh soaps, the result is detrimental as it leads to facial wrinkles. It also leads to a reduction in the production of natural oils on the skin due to the dryness. As we advance in age, the ability of the body to produce the natural oils is reduced. Most old people are also allergic to the chemicals that act as preservatives in soap. These facilitate in making the facial skin dry leading to facial wrinkles. In a case of cuts, they become very painful.

Windy weather

Winter and wind always aggravate the effect caused to the skin. The wind facilitates in rapid drying of the skin resulting in facial wrinkles. It also leads to drying of the lips as the face is stripped off its moisture. These do not become a good sight and use of a lip balm is vital. It can help keep the lips in a luscious state. You can also apply petroleum jelly with an old toothbrush. The icy winds also lead to deepening of the crow’s feet that are around the eyes. The use of an anti-wrinkle cream is advised on the areas around the eyes such as serums. They help to restore the lost moisture. You can also use gels and lotions. When using these gels, concentrate on the regions around the socket of the eye. These are areas where facial wrinkles are mostly concentrated. Some people are not aware that some of the wrinkles are as a result of the dry skin or dehydration.

Harmful Suns UV rays

At times during winter, the sun’s UV rays can still be evident. Most people tend to forget about this during their outdoor activities. Exposure to these rays leads to facial wrinkles and age spots. It facilitates in premature aging. It can also lead to skin cancer. By use of a sunscreen that reduces the effects of UV rays, it can significantly keep your skin glowing. You can use it despite whether it is cloudy, cold or even sunny. Regardless of whether the sun’s UV rays are not very hot, this does not mean that their effects are reduced. Always remember as you plan to remain warm this winter, protect your face with anti-aging creams.

Constriction of blood vessels

During the cold weather, most people resemble the reindeer. It is because of the redness of the nose. The decreased temperatures lead to constriction of the blood vessels. It results in the nose looking white. It is reversed to a red nose when we get in our homes. It happens because our bodies tend to warm up leading to the broadening of the blood vessels. The blood rushes in the body leading to redness of the nose. It also contributes to increased sensitivity. To protect you from facial wrinkles, ensure that you employ cream that acts as an anti-wrinkle. It will be an excellent makeup base.

Winter wool

Most times we tend to cover ourselves with layers of wool to fight off the cold weather. However, this affects our skin. It may lead to stripping the skin of vital natural oils. It can also lead to dryness. It will result in facial wrinkles. Itchiness can also arise from the increased cover of wool.


Being able to understand your skin is vital. When it feels dry, make sure to use a moisturizer to prevent it from wrinkles. In instances where the nose becomes oily, tend to it using a degreaser. They can include salicylic acid. Comprehension of your skin types assists to reduce the adverse effects of the external conditions. Adjust your treatment according to your skin type and be patient while using the anti-aging creams. Never be in a hurry to change your treatments. However, it is important to listen to your dermatologist for insight into your skin preferences. Realize that your neighbors’ treatment can be very different to yours. You can also use a facial mask to prevent your face from the facial wrinkles. They help in assisting to slough the dead cells on your facial skin. They also contribute to stimulating the flow of blood to our skin. It contributes to producing the collagen that assists in repairing our skin from damage.


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