Is browser configuration helpful in securing your browser?

by Brooke Perry technical content writer

Securing the browsers of your system is very important because exploiting the vulnerabilities in web browsers has become the most popular tool employed by cyber criminals to compromise the security of your PC. If your browser is not security enabled then it becomes a great medium for the Internet hackers through which they can exploit the software, operating system (OS) and data on your computer. They can install spyware on to your system or can even take control of your system.

To a larger extent, browser security can be attained through browser configuration. Intruders target the software of a system to exploit through the channel of web browsers. This has indeed become a trend among attackers. They inject malware, spyware, viruses etc to your system through the medium of web browsers and can compromise the software installed on your device. This threat is considerably increasing at a rapid rate. Hence, it has become very important to secure the web browsers through proper configuration.

What are the risks of not getting browser configured?

If you don’t get your browser rightly configured, you will be confronted with security issues. The sad story here is that most of the time you won’t even realize those undergoing possible breaches and threats. But by adopting the right browser configuration, you will be able to protect your computer system and networked data from security breaches or privacy infringement conducted by malware.

Vulnerabilities or security holes are present even in the most advanced browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Through these security holes, browsers can be badly exploited. The possible threats of having a vulnerable browser are mentioned below:

Through the browser, the operating system will be breached by malware, which will read or modify the memory space of the browser.

·         Intruder can even hack the main executable browser

·         Attacker can hack the browser components

·         Even the browser plug-ins can be hacked

·         Intruder can again access to intercept the browser network communications outside the machine.

Majority of web browsers don’t have set-up configuration by default and hence require manual configuration. Individual browser has its own sets of syntax for getting the configuration done. However, all kinds of browsers require security materialized through configuration as this will reduce security risks. If your browser is properly configured from security angle then it will protect your computer from having access by others, who may possible compromise your system at different fronts.

As you know, that different browsers can be installed in your computer among which Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are the most popular one. Most of the time, web browsers that come along with the operating system are not properly configured by default and can risk your computer in a lot many ways.

Following are the most possible reasons that make your browser vulnerable to attacks.

·         Users unknowingly click on malicious links of websites that may result to risky actions

·         Users follow disguised Web page addresses and eventually lends to malicious websites

·         Web browsers are improperly configured that offer increased functionality but decreased security.

·         Failing of browser security as new security vulnerabilities get discovered time to time

·         Computer systems may have some unidentified, pre loaded software packages that increases the vulnerabilities of browsers.

·         Third-party software meant for browser security may not be capable of receiving security updates.

·         Users don’t configure their web browsers in the right manner

·         Users get lazy in enabling or disabling the functionalities that are required to be done to secure the web browser.

As attacks against web browsers via web is increasing, hence it has become more important to you be more cautious regarding your browser security. Hence, you must take pain and interest to ensure that your browser setting has been rightly configured from security point of view. 

Setting the browser’s configuration right is all about safe computing habits, so that attackers have less chances over your computer. Although, you can rely that after getting the browser’s setting right, the security risks lessens up, yet never download unexpected attachment, files, tools or programs nor click on unknown or unsolicited links till you are confirm about those safety.

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