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by Wesley Studemire Internet Marketer
The Internet

         The wonder of making an income online has been the hope for a many people from every far reaching aspect of the world. From the little small town housewife, the new departed workers to the inspiring thinkers. The goals of earning from home has been the most sought after treasure of most. The feeling of setting ones path and achieveing a sense of accomplishment though the power the Internet and one's own ideas of reaching heights yet not. Are seen as the rewards from the painstakingly diligents of our works to aquire the fruit we seek.


     But understanding how it can be done, is the matter to which I speak of here. What are the guidelines that must be taken to achieve these goals? What new way of thinking must be taken on to attain these heights? And where is it that we can go to find the answers to the many questions that will come to aid us along the way?


The Tools

    At first look, we think that there's not to much to it. We think that all we have to do, is grab a few nice looking things, that appeals to our of sense of what can make income. Dress it up with some pretty words and place it online for others to see and presto! We're in the money. We think "Hey, if I like it, so will others". Then we share our new thoughts with others that are our online buddies, those who we think "will be down with us". That is the basic thought process that comes across our minds. But oh to soon we see that it is not all the simple a deed at all. The most common answer that come will be "I don't know about all that." Then comes the "Well , I'll show them."

     But soon we come to realize that maybe it's that they aren't seeing the big picture? When really we aren't informed enough to know the how to go about what it is that we are seeking in the first place. So where do we go from here? We chase after the next shiny thing that we see. Hoping that this is the one! This one will surely make us money. Then they will see that I was right! Well soon we come to realize that ,that to wasn't the right one at all.


     So we seek out, the many different Internet Guru, with all the bells and whistles of "Just follow these instruction and we guranteed that you'll make money with us." Ah the answer is in the following of someone else's ideas. The money is in the list as they say. That what we were missing! So we reach into our pockets, send the money and never hear from them again. Craps! I know I can do this, I just got to find the right one to follow with the right plan! And all the time, we fail to see that the right plan is not what some else does. But what you can do for yourself.


        It is said that "It is wiser to remain quite and seem a fool , than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." Well ,I say that "If you don't know something, ask somebody", but who can you trust to give you the right information? I mean, we all know that you have to have a Web Page, Web hosting, Auto-Responder amongst a host of other things. That after we have taken the time to stop and ask. But how do we get it all to work together? We are again, back to spending to find the answer.

      We find ourselves back to the drawing board. There are many places that tell of where to go, what to do and how to do it. Youtube,for example. Offers millions places to find that answer. But to put thing in prospective, even then. We have to figure out what it all means to us for making income from online? Will it be like all the other things, that we thought will work, that didn't?  Or do we just give up?


      Luckily, I came across a site, that offers a solution that really gets to the root of how and why it works for the average person. There are 2 sites that I favor for these goals. One site is named, Twist Affiliate Marketing Forum. It offers an complete Free E-Learning Course. That makes sense of it all. Along with video tutorial that challenges what you have retained. That gives you a real-time insight to what it's all about? What more, it's free to anyone that is willing to learn. Now, that what I call a win-win situation. True knowledge with value, that gives an bird's eye view of what was missing in your efforts to gain income. That shows you step by step from what to do and how to do it aspect.  An average person can learn how. And how to do to earn online.

        There is a lot of information that are on these to site. So please take the time to really learn about your business. And success will follow you. The other site, Together We Earn is a platform of people that you can reach out to and help you learn how to succeed online. Ask questions don't be shy.  Because the biggest sin is not asking what you don't understand. Also there you will find plenty of online business group there that will help you reach your goals of earning. Give yourself a break and learn what you've been missing!

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