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Is visiting US so important to you?

Are you facing issues getting your visa approved for US?

Is it too complex to understand the immigration process?

Are you tensed about applying for US visa?

Do not fear the rejection. Get approved and travel to US.

Immigration is the action of an individual to move to another country to live their permanently. It implies that the individual is not a native i.e. citizen of that country but still wishes to live there permanently for some reasons.

Why People Immigrate?

People need to have a valid reason to get their visas approved because of laws and security purposes of a country. There are several reasons for people to wish to move out of their homes, some common ones are summarized below:

·         Education: Other countries are attired with a variety of educational opportunities which attracts the youth to study and compete on an international level and move out of their native country.

·         Financially Secured Future: One of the most common reasons for immigration is the search for a financially safe and secure future i.e. if the other country is offering better future anticipations.

·       High Standard of Living: People emphasize on a higher standard of living as their reason to migrate to another country, expecting to enhance and improve their standard of living after they migrate. It basically means a better future, full of opportunities for themselves and their family.

·       Start of a Series: It is basically the second line of immigration i.e. when a person moves to another country and informs their loved ones that he is happily settled and the new place offers lot more than the old one, the loved ones also decide to immigrate. It is a series of events, resulting in more people to immigrate.

·       Political Reasons: People immigrate to maintain a global presence for work related purposes or others, as per the individual. Some move out to experience a more politically free country, some to have political rights, some to gain a new identity while others for a better living ambiance.

·        To Experience Different Personalities: Extroverts immigrate alone while introverts immigrate with their families and loved ones, to overstep the persona and become an improved person.

·        Soul Mate: Some people immigrate in search of their soul mates i.e. for marriage or true love purposes or to marry in other countries because the tradition of destination weddings is very trendy and hot.

Why Hire An Immigration Solicitor?

The complex process of immigration makes it very difficult for people to fill their own applications on time and get their visas approved. Professionals are hired to ease out the application process and increase their chances of getting their visas approved.

These immigration professionals have a huge demand due to the high rejection rate and other reasons, such as:

·         If the person is or has been convicted for any crime, even though all the crimes are not blacklisted, the chances of getting the visa approved lowers down. A little misrepresentation on the immigration forms might lead to deportation.

·         If the person has tried before but is unsuccessful, a professional can determine and solve the problem or advice otherwise

·         If the person finds the process too complex, it is better to hire a professional than to improvise and unnecessarily delay the process.

·         Not all removals from the country i.e. deportation will result in permanent bars to immigration, so the person need not worry if he has been deported before.

·         Not all diseases are a permanent bar to immigration, so the person need not worry if he has any communicable diseases.

·         These professionals have connections with the immigration authorities that might be helpful in case of delayed responses on the immigration forms.

·         If the reason for immigration is because of a job offer but the employers have refused to handle the process, a professional might be very helpful in getting the requirements handled.

·         Other reasons like divorce to the first US spouse, failed marriage without filing the petition to remove the condition on residency or for green cards purposes of spouse and child.


The process of immigration to US is extremely complex in every area because of the US immigration law. There are many US Immigration Solicitors in Ireland who claim to smooth en out the process and increase the chances of a visa approval. One should not risk rejection, hiring a professional is the best option in such cases.

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