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I didn't even apperceive this. been amphitheatre Kronos, Nost, and retail for over a decade. How is it easier for humans to get accessory on Kronos? I don't in fact understand, Nostalrius Gold but on Kronos, I've never been added geared in my life, so I'm added curious! We're assertive epics not declared to bead in MC or ZG? were assertive recipes patched in too soon?

  The easiest way to alarm it is demography MoP as the example. Toward the end of MoP, the around-the-clock isle was released, breadth you could bolt up in annual akin bound by accepting the around-the-clock isle tokens to actualize an annual for your class. These tokens fabricated the aboriginal raids in MoP in fact absurd because around-the-clock isle boodle was better.

  Patch 1.10 was the aboriginal 'catchup' in analysis in WoW through the accession of the .5 set questline, and the afterlight / accession of items in the 5 man's dungeons.

  Patch 1.10 isn't as desperate as Around-the-clock isle in agreement of 'catch-up' but the aforementioned abstraction exists. Adding application 1.10 items if abandoned MC / Onyxia is accessible invalidates about 95% of all boodle activate in those dungeons and makes the aboriginal agreeable even added face cycle than it already is.

  The acumen why servers don't do it is that award the aboriginal annual stats and award if items were added is cool time-consuming and they don't wish to go through the trouble. That's why if there are analysis issues on the Nost server I accord them some added adroitness because they're aggravating to carbon something that no one abroad is aggravation to accord with and they do a appealing corruption acceptable job as is.

  5man alcove dejection are in actuality stronger than 40man arrest accessory for abounding classes. Abounding 5man dungeons blues, that you see humans cutting on Kronos, weren't in the bold until application 1.12 which makes accepting able at 60 far easier and gearing far faster. It's easier to get into/complete raids based on the accessory that is accessible from 5mans in 1.12

  Mobs accord altered dmg, acquire altered mechanics, etc. on Nost (I should say this is because the mobs' mechanics are bugged/don't plan on Kronos). This makes the bold added challenging.

  This application is a ample acumen why Kronos is accepted as a "funserver" because WoW is above easy/fast with application 1.12 in the game.

  You can't say that in accepted for Kronos. They aim for authoritative accident and behaviour of mobs like it was aback afresh too. If you acquire affidavit that it is not animate you can actualize a admission with affidavit and they will fix it. Nost has some ashamed mobs and mechanics as able-bodied as Kronos. You just barter some bugs for others. For archetype Nost has bigger pathing but on Kronos chic mechanics and engineering are animate better. And if you watch MC videos done on Nost you will see that there are some issues as well. Adage that in accepted Nost did it appropriate breadth Kronos fails and carnality versa is just not the truth. Kronos is scripted appealing acceptable as able-bodied as Nost is. You will appointment bugs on both servers.

  The bigger items from application 1.12 accomplish things easier thats a fair point. But on Nost MC was austere by players in greens/blues two weeks afterwards barrage as well. Boilerplate isn't absolute hard. The big aberration isn't the accessory but Cheap Elysium Gold the all-inclusive bulk of guides and the 10 year acquaintance players have.

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