How To Treat Herpes with Few Simple Steps?

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Treat Herpes Naturally

The scientific researches carried out to find the fact about herpes virus have proven that it is a sexually transmitted virus and there is extreme risk of its spreading though some kind of sexual activities such as kissing. However, this is not the only reason as there are many other reasons, for example, if the household items are touched by the sufferer when the hands are not washed properly, this act may cause spreading of the virus to the others.

Herpes Types I & II

Basically, there are 2 main types of the virus which are commonly called as Herpes Simplex Virus I & II. Type I normally causes the blister and sores on the facial areas most importantly on lisps and the mouth but they can also affect the other sensitive areas such as the genitals.

On the other hands type II normally causes blisters and sores on genital and the surrounding areas. Though, it has been found that the sores feels to be painful but as far as the visible symptoms are concerned, they might be somewhat mild.

Herpes Type

Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes outbreaks are surely considered major problem related to the herpes virus but the constant researches in this field have discovered some important factors which are found to be quite effective in dealing with the outbreaks and surely patient may experience great reduction in the irritation and pain. Feel free to ask any Question from us by going just on Contact Us.

Is Herpes Incurable?

It might be quite encouraging for you to know that there are some very effective way to deal with herpes and its virus which is quite contrary to the common misconception about this disease that it can’t be treated. To treat these outbreak and for getting relief form the pain and itching and most importantly, prevention to the future outbreaks you just have to know few simple steps which will greatly help you deal with this problem ( Itching sourced by Wikipedia).

Few Simple Steps to Follow

First of you, you will need to take a bath with warm water in which you will soak your body into the water as this will help you improve the discomfort and pain. Make sure to wash and clean the tub properly after you have taken bath or it may cause infection to the others as the tub will have the virus inside.

While you are talking bath, wash all the herpes affected area with a mild soap and warm water. Remember that the outbreaks are found to be sores and it is always good to keep them clean so they can be kept away from getting further damages to the skin.

Now you can apply some amount of baking soda on affected areas with the help of a cotton ball as this will keep them dry and surely provide quick relief from itching. Make sure the baking soda box not get contaminated and also avoid double dipping in it.

You can also place a tea bag on affected skin area but make sure they the bag should be wet and cold. There is another quick relief in which you can use aloe vera to the skin sores.


Remember that herpes disease must not be allowed to control your entire life and you must get rid of it through proper treatment as it is not some kind of rocket science which is out of your understanding. Moreover visit our Official Website Here:

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