How to Replace / Fix an iPhone 4 Battery

by Lucy Benney We repair all types of mobile phones and Computers

Battery Replacement for the iPhone 4. Need to replace that old or warn out battery for the iPhone 4 use this 1420mAh replacement battery to fix the issue.

Procedure to Repair Battery Replacement

Step1 Turn off the iPhone 4 and confirm it is off

Step2 Hold your device to Unscrew two screws on the bottom of iPhone. Remove the screws using a small Phillips screwdriver.

Step3 Slide the glass back up carefully After that Insert a Spudger between the chrome ring and front panel glass directly  to one of the screw holes. Pry slightly to separate the display from the back side panel.

Step4 Lift the panel upwards from the dock end is careful not to tear or break any ribbons connected near the other end.

Step 5 Carry on hold the display panel with one hand carefully, and use your other hand and a Spudger to disconnect the black ribbon Cable

Step 6 Rotate the display assembly up until it access to disconnecting the remaining cables.

Step 7 Use a Spudger to disconnect the black ribbon cable labelled

Step 8 Use a Spudger to flip up the white plastic tab holding the remaining ribbon cable in that place. That white tab will rotate up 90 degrees, and releasing the ribbon cable.

Step 9 Slide the black ribbon cable remove its connector, and the display assembly from the iPhone

Step 10 Remove 8 Screws which is surrounded near Motherboard

·        Five 2.3 mm Phillips screws through partial threads secured with the logic board to the rear panel

·        Two 2.3mm Phillips screws with full threads securing the logic board to camera.

·        One 2.3mm Phillips screws from beneath do not remove sticker.

Step 11 Unplug ribbon. Lift the mother board out. Be careful do not rip the ribbon connecting toward camera to the underside of the board.

Step 12 Unplug the connected ribbon and Place a Mother board aside safely

Step 13 Use a Spudger to remove the camera up and out of its housing in the rear panel. The camera cannot be removed completely because it is connected to the bottom of the logic board.

Step 14 Remove logic board which is closest to the dock make sure that all Screw is removed or not. Slide the logic board towards the dock connector and out of the iPhone.

Step 15 Use Some Force to pull up the attached tab on the battery to remove.

Step 16 Gingerly replace the glued battery by carefully Depending on the amount of adhesive, this may be slow. Be enduring. Do not use a metal tool or any other screwdriver to remove battery.

Step 17 Repeat the same Steps to reassemble the iPhone4

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