How to provide the best training for your Puppy?

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It is vital to provide training for your new puppy as soon as possible; the most effective way is to start out once you bring him/her home. The puppy training can be done yourself, or you can call an expert trainer to assist you, depending on your needs.  Usually, you can search out a neighborhood dog training class in your area, sometimes listed in your local newspaper, and start with this type of training for your puppy. Or, you can ask your Vet, or friends to advocate a trainer in your area.   Stirling Collies highly recommends training all puppies, regardless of breed.  A trained dog is the best family dog to have!

The major training belongs to behavior and obedience

Behavioral training is utilized to stop and correct bad habits that your puppy has, or is learning, and should begin when your puppy joins your family. There are several habits like jumping, begging, climbing on furnishings, etc., that you just might want to stop your dog from doing, before it gets older. The foremost necessary thing to know is you need to be  consistent throughout the method of training that you use. For instance, do not let your puppy hop on the couch; otherwise you may have a full grownup dog sitting on the couch later. This may confuse the dog, and cause additional issues later on, so start young. If you take the time to find out the dog's natural behavior, and satisfy the dog's natural instincts through exercises that will assist you, then you may create the distinction between success and failure in training your dog.

On the opposite site, obedience training is to coach the puppy to adjust his behavior to learn basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, and heel. This type of training ought to be in brief and frequent sessions, which helps to stop your dog from becoming  too bored.  Each session ought to be between ten to fifteen minutes, and you ought to do it two or three times daily.  If you train your dog before meals it may associate the food with a reward for a job well done.  Many dogs are food driven, and may be inquisitive about the treat you are holding and want to obey your commands for the reward.

Before giving the command to your puppy, say his name loud and clear to get his attention; then say the command. In all probability you ought to repeat the command a few times, each day, until the dogs knows each command well. Strive to not use negative reinforcement.

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