How to mine BitCoins [Complete TuT + Pics!][Something that ACTUALLY WORKS!]

by Mustafa Khumusi Graphologist & Health Counsellor
I saw [Anthraxium-64]'s thread on bitcoin mining and noticed that it was missing a few things. So i am going to create a complete guide (With pictures!) to help you out. All i ask that you do is sign up for triplemining with my referral link. (The same thing [Anthraxium-64] wants you to do)
So you will need several things.
(This guide assumes that you already have the official bitcoin client installed and set up and you have read the FAQ. If requested i can add a guide to that too.)
Step One: Sign up for triplemining Here:

Step Two: Activate account and create a worker. You will need a new worker for every computer you plan to run this software on at the same time.
pic (Comp 1 and 3 were off when i made this)

In order to create your worker you must A. Give it a name and B. Give it a password. For example i want to name my workers Miner1, Miner2, Miner3, etc etc. So i type in Miner one in the username box and for the password i type in RandomPa$$word (Note: Dont use this OR your site password for your workers!) When you press create the worker will be created with a name like :YOURUSERNAME_MINERNAMEYOUPUTIN I.E. RandomMiner_M1

Step Three: Get software needed:
1. Get openCL. ATI:
Nvida: openCL is included in their latest drivers.
2. Get GUIminer (GPU miner. GPU mines WAY faster than CPU) (Self extracting archive)


Step 4: Putting it all together!
1. Extract GUIminer to desktop after installing openCL/latest drivers.
2. Open GUIminer

Enter the correct info (Where my info is you put yours. IMPORTANT!: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT SERVER SELECTED!

Press start mining. It should then proceed to connect and start mining. Yeye
You can keep track of your bitcoins earned on the triplemining website:
Extra: What is a bitcoin? [video] :

Q: What does it mean in the summary panel when the shares say something like 1000 (150) accepted?
A: That means 1000 shares total were accepted, including 150 in the last hour.

Q: I installed OpenCL, but my GPU isn't showing up. Only my CPU is shown. What is the problem?
A: A couple people experienced this issue and were able to resolve it by installing a different driver version.

Q: How can I delete my miner settings, or edit them manually?
A: Miner settings are stored in %APPDATA%\Roaming\poclbm. For example, on Windows 7 this path translates to C:\Users\Kiv\AppData\Roaming\poclbm. The file poclbm.ini inside contains the settings in JSON format. There are also some settings in .ini files inside the miner directory, also in JSON format. No registry keys are used, so removing these .ini files completely erases your settings.

Q: How can I completely uninstall GUIMiner?
A: Remove the GUIMiner folder and the miner settings above, and that will completely remove GUIMiner.

Q: How do I know if my graphics card (GPU) supports OpenCL or CUDA?
Try this:

P.S. This took me ~1 hour to make. Saying thanks only takes a few seconds! Pirate
With CPU mining you will achieve ~5-10 MHash/s
With GPU mining you will reach anywhere from (One GPU) 20-800 MHash/s

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