How to Improve Organic Search Ranking Using Content Repurposing?

by Avinash Kumar Seo Expert
If you’re conversant with the Internet Marketing strategies, may be you might have come across the oft-repeated Golden Rule, for the success of any website – “Content is King”. Thinking of it, what attracts thousands of net-visitors to any site is the useful, informative, intuitive and exhaustive web-content. Right from the inception of the Internet Technology, people are visiting websites to get benefited from the content, which serves their purpose.

The Search Engines that project websites through back-links, picking them and presenting through their Indices, do so only based on the web-content. Over the recent years, the numbers of websites having crossed millions, the latest Search Engine crawling algorithms have changed accordingly, with a view to award High Search Rankings only for those websites that have “great and useful web-contents for the net-visitor”.

The above change has necessitated, that website owners have to ensure their websites contain only fresh, effective, informative, intuitive and unambiguous web-contents, if they want to stave off the challenges posed by their peers, in this stiffly competitive net-world. So it is imperative that they have to adopt newer content marketing strategies. Writing or creating fresh contents of video, audio and graphical designs always is welcome. But it is really a daunting experience, to create fresh contents every day. Here is a best alternative available for you.

You must have heard of or accustomed to articles marketing. But have you tried article repurposing? It means using the same and old web contents – an article in this case - you had created painstakingly earlier, in a different way now, making it look like entirely fresh contents. Content Repurposing in simple language is making use of the same and similar web contents, through different mediums, by altering smartly the old contents. For example, the repurpose content can be anything – an article, a blog post, excerpts from an eBook, a chart, a webinar, or anything like that.

There are expert professionals available online for helping you in content repurposing or article repurposing. These experts are capable of converting your old web-contents, to look fresh and customized to your website’s purpose. Some of the techniques adopted by these professionals for repurpose content are – revising old articles or blog posts; convert presentations, speeches and audio-visual contents into blog posts (and vice versa); rewriting press releases; breaking big articles into smaller ones, and making several from single articles; take excerpts from eBooks and write them as fresh content; videos and graphics changed with suitable alterations etc. There are umpteen ways for content repurposing, if only you’ve the will.

The very idea behind articles marketing, content marketing and other SEO techniques is to get High Ranking – Organic Search Ranking, by popular Search Engine crawlers which take cognizance of only fresh, informative and useful web-contents. The same idea works behind article repurposing or producing repurpose content, with a view to get recognized by the Search Engines, to bring forth unlimited organic net-visitor traffic. Your own content is renewed, but it becomes fresh to fulfill the Search Engine objective. You’ve to think progressively that’s all. If you act smart in using content repurposing, certainly you can improve a lot the organic Search Ranking by most popular Search Engines. Now, submit articles here!!

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