How To Get Quick Relief From Arthritis Pain Naturally

by Jeramey Thompson
Arthritis is the worst thing that can happen to anybody, as it hampers day-to-day activities and causes a lot of discomfort. The pain or stiffness in the joints can cripple a person’s life completely, and moving around for even basic things becomes extremely difficult to cope with. Arthritis can occur in the joints of knees, shoulders, wrist or elbows.

Arthritis is of two kinds - osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis results when the bones increase in size and rub against increase each other, as the space between them decreases. The problem is more likely to occur with aged people, as advancing years cause the joints to stiffen. Obesity too puts unnecessary pressure on the joints resulting in pain. At times the pain could be so severe, that it leaves one tossing in bed at night, unable to sleep.

Rheumatoid arthritis is more serious and can occur at any age. The ligaments and tendons that connect the bone muscles are destroyed, causing extreme pain in knees, hips, feet, fingers and wrists. At times, the muscles in the body too tend to ache.

To get relief from arthritis pain certain foods like wheat, corn, eggs and peanuts should be avoided. Junk foods and food items rich in sugar too should strictly be avoided.

Those with an obese body should consider losing some weight, as the joints have to bear the weight of extra kilos on them and cause pain. There are some special exercises recommended for those suffering from arthritis, so that not only do the patients get relief on the joints, but also lose weight. This helps in speedy recovery. The best is to go in for some light muscle strengthening exercises, which should be carried out under the guidance of a trainer.

An arthritis patient must never sit in one place. Instead, he should always be on the move and go around doing his regular jobs, as sitting in one place could cause the joints to stiffen more. However, when one is in great pain, it is recommended not to overdo things. To avoid extra stress, arthritis patients are advised to walk slowly.

Ginger is a great herb and has anti-inflammation properties. It can be consumed in foods in raw form, or even as capsules, to provide relief to the aching joints. Ginger Tea can also prove to be useful.

Cayenne pepper too can be used in foods. It improves the blood circulation and strengthens the arteries. Also, including garlic in the daily diet provides oxygen to the arteries, and removes the waste deposits, thus helping in relieving pain.

Some doctors may suggest physiotherapy or reflexology too for getting rid of arthritis pain. It is good to make the doctor aware of your complete medical history, including that of the family, so that he/she can tell you whether these side-treatments will work for you or not.

Overall, every medical expert stresses on the fact that there is no substitute to good diets, and that they go a long way in preventing as well as treating arthritis. So those living on faulty diets and bad lifestyle habits should take the cue.

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Nice article. Arthritis impacts over 100 Million in America alone. It's estimated over $600 Billion is spent each year. WebMd -
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This is a wonderful article. It is informative and clearly written. If you have more details about other deceases please post them. They will many. Thanks Jeramey.
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