How To Get Heirlooms Fast In Mists Of Pandaria?

by Zhu Kent Love Game

Heirlooms are very important for Wow funs, which is especially for help for fast leveling. With it, players can increase XP they gain from killing mobs and turning in quests by 10%. If players have 3 Heirloom pieces that give a 10% experience boost each, that’s a total of a 30% experience boost for players’ character while leveling. If the total time for players to hit the highest level is six month, leveling with Heirlooms players can finish it in four month, save players two months on leveling. Since this item is so important for players, as Mop 5.0 will be released soon, how to get heirlooms fast in WoW Mists of Pandaria?

PVP heirlooms

There are to ways to get PVP heirlooms in Mists of Pandaria, first is by buying it vendors in Wintergraps with stone keeper's shards, the second is to farm for players themselves. If players are PVP funs, or want to speed up the rate at which they are earning these shards, there are daily quests in Lake Wintergrasp that players can do while fighting to get their faction the Essence of Wintergrasp buff. The PvP focused heirloom items technically don't require players to PvP at all, but it speeds up the process.

Players can also purchase PvP heirlooms by purchasing the heirlooms with honor points. PvP heirloom vendors are located with the other PvP vendors in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar in Mists of Pandaria.

PVE heirlooms

One of the best and fastest way to get heirlooms in Mists of Pandaria by running dailies, by doing this, players can get a full set of heirlooms pretty quickly. To speed up, the way to do is with an optimized route of all the dailies players need to do in order to get the items to trade in for Heirlooms.

Another way to get PVE heirlooms is achieving a guild rank of 20 and a guild reputation of honored to purchase both a head piece heirloom and cloak heirloom. The head piece heirloom requires a guild rank of 20, while the cloak heirloom requires a guild rank of 10. Both cost over 1,000 Wow gold. The guild vendor sells both heirloom pieces and is located in all major cities.

A notice here is all heirlooms except the head piece and cloak will award experience and scale through level 80 only. After level 80, only the head piece and cloak will continue to scale with players’ character's level.

On players will find more information on fast leveling in Mists of Pandaria, what’s more, the gold from this website are pure hand, players don’t need to worry of getting banned for buying wow gold.

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