How To Cure Weak Eyesight and Poor Eye Vision?

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Eyesight, one among the gifts from birth plays a vital role in maintaining the life of person. If not cared properly, eye vision may decrease as per increase in age. Some among the commonly reported factors contributing for weak eyesight include close examination of TV, weakness of brain, bad lifestyle habits, passing of strong light through the eyes, scarcity of vitamin A, and digestive disorder. Cures for weak eyesight are determined by analyzing the apt cause of problem. Symptoms shown by a patient suffering from eye disorder vary from one person to another. Misty vision, watering of eyes, burning in eyes, persisting common cold are some among the main symptoms shown by a person suffering from weak eyesight. Treatments vary according to the cause of problem. Let's see how to cure poor eyesight safely and effectively.

Intake of vitamin A rich food items is one among the best cures for weak eyesight. Vitamin A is an essential product needed for healthy functioning of eyes, immune system and skin. Presence of beta carotene in vitamin A revitalizes eye muscles and helps in improving the vision of eyes. Inclusion of good amount of vitamin A rich food items in diet strengthens immune system and reduces the risk of eye infections. Some food items enriched with vitamin A concentration include spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, and kale. Consuming a nutritive diet with healthy lifestyle helps to a great extend in reducing the risk of cataracts and dry eyes.

Regular eye exercise is an effective method to cure weak eyesight problems. This is a safe technique recommended by health practitioners. It is so simple and can be practiced from any where. Moving eyeball to left, right, up and down are some among the simple eye exercises recommended for improving eye vision. You can also move your eyeball in clockwise and in anticlockwise direction. Practicing these exercises improves flexibility of eye muscles and enhances eye vision. Palming is another natural technique used to cure weak eyesight troubles. Patients are advised to place their warm palm over eyes for a few seconds duration. It acts as a gentle massaging technique and helps in giving out relaxation for eye muscles.

Daily washing of eyes with triphala water is an effective treatment recommended to cure weak eyesight. This natural cure is found to be very beneficial for the treatment of eye problems. Apart from improving eyesight of person, triphala water is equipped with a number of health benefits. Strengthening the immune system of body, restoring digestion, purifying blood and improving eye vision are some among the main benefits of washing eyes with triphala water. Putting a drop of honey in each eye is another natural cure for weak eyesight trouble. Honey act as a natural eye nourisher and cleanses your eyes. Presence of sugars like maltose, sucrose, lactose, fructose, disaccharides and trisaccharides in honey restores cellular energy and improves eye vision. Relieving stress, avoiding staring of objects, protecting eyes from dust and strong light are other natural techniques to cure weak eyesight.

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