How to Clean Your Oven

by Lisa Header Writer

Ovens are an important part of every kitchen. They are a necessary addition to every house and if not maintained clean, will ruin the look of the whole kitchen. So, you have to learn how to clean your oven and how to maintain it that way with less efforts and time wasted on rubbing and scrubbing.

Professional oven cleaners warn you that different types of ovens require different type of attention. So, first you will need to find out witch type of oven you have in your kitchen. Then to learn how to keep it clean in the most effectivelly and less time-consuming way. After knowing the appliance you can follow the tips below, kindly shared by professional cleaners from North Acton.

Continuous-cleaning and self-cleaning ovens. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Never use any kind of cleaning aid in a continuous-cleaning or self-cleaning oven. If the finish is taken off once, the oven will not be clean at all, and then it will turn into a real mess. Sometimes the continuous-cleaning oven will get so dirty that it won't be able to do the job. Fill a dripper pan with water and put it in the oven for twenty minutes at 200 degrees. This will help to reactivate the continuous-cleaning element. For grease spots on the window, put the oven door down and coat it with a thin layer of lemon oil. Let this sit for an hour to loosen the grease. Scrub with an SOS pad or stainless steel pad. Make sure all the oil is washed off or the oven will smoke the next time it is used. Wipe dry to prevent streaking. The continuous-cleaning or self-cleaning features on an oven will not clean the racks and sometimes it causes them to turn blue. If the racks do not slide easily, which is a result of leaving them in at high self-cleaning temperatures, apply a little vegetable oil on the runners.

Conventional ovens. Most maids and professional oven cleaners from North Acton use commercial cleaning detergents. Labels on these cleaners warn you not to get them near the nose, eyes, or mouth or any other part of the skin, because the lye and nitrogen compounds will cause burns. Most oven cleaners are dangerous so if you insist on using them, be smart and protect yourself. Wear goggles, rubber gloves, and a face mask. Be sure your kitchen is well ventilated. Open all doors and windows and never let your children in the room while using an oven cleaner. Even the fumes are dangerous to inhale. Do not buy scented oven cleaners, because you may be tempted to sniff at them. Buy one that smells ghastly so that you will spray and run. Never get the oven cleaner on electrical connectors, heating elements, the thermostat, or anything aluminium as it may cause damages. Buy a cleaner with a moulded finger guide so that you will not accidentally point the spray the wrong way and drench yourself. There are a few oven cleaners on the market that do not contain lye. Look for them.

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Ed N. Advanced  Time For a New Beginning!
Interesting article and an important statement to follow the manufacturers warranty instruction, when maintaining your kitchen ovens. "Always read the small print" it will save you money and you'll have less headaches later, that's if the oven decides not to break down?

Two thumbs up for this article!
Jan 6th 2013 18:37   
Lisa Header Advanced  Writer
Thanks, Ed. I really try to be helpful whenever and however I can. A dirty oven can turn into a really great headache and even waste of money, so people should know how to maintain it.
Jan 7th 2013 08:04   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Thanks for the Great how to article about oven cleaning. Last time I cleaned my oven....(I have the self cleaning kind) it broke the inside window that you use to see how things are going on the inside..... It has a double pained window so I am still using it "as is" with no trouble but I am NOT going to take the chance of running the cleaner again.
This oven is one of those glass tops... which I have decided that I hate and will not buy another like it. I broke the glass top shortly after I bought it.. thank goodness it was still under warranty.
Thanks for the post I will be looking for more of your stuff here around APSense!
Jan 12th 2013 06:06   
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