How To Build A Network Marketing Empire Online

by Brando Olynyk Attraction Marketing Coach

So you want to succeed in your  business online.. well hate to cut to you so early in this post, but it’s important that you get started with the right mindset and understanding before we continue.

In the last couple months, I’ve seen countless people from all different walks of life… grandmasdads,momscollege kids come into the world of the Network Marketing industry with big expectations only to find themselves frustrated..

…because they were told if they only got 5 who got 5 who got 2 they’d be rich.

Well if you’ve actually tried it, you already know it doesn’t work quite like that – which is why people quit with in 30 to 90 days.

The first thing that you’ve got to have if you want to succeed online in your business is that you have to decide that absolutely no matter what happens you will never ever quit.

I mean it. Because times will get tough.

Strategies will change. The hot new traffic strategy you’re using today will change tomorrow and you have to be ok with it not matter what.

I want you to shift your thinking, most people when they look for a way to build their Network Marketing business online they still have this idea that it’s like pushing a button to be successful… well not really (It is 100x simpler but not easy).

So I want you to put this into perspective if you were going to medical school for the next 10 years of your life would you invest $300,000 into your education and then quit? I know that seems like a bit of a stretch as a comparison, but it’s the same concept. You’ve got to decide to stick with this industry and method of building online no matter what.

Once you’ve decided, it’s no longer a matter of IF you’re going to succeed t building it online, it’s a matter of when.

From then it won’t matter where the traffic comes.

There are only three things you HAVE to master online in order to build your business:

1. Targeted Traffic – (People, Eyeballs, Visitors)

2. Leads – (Growing Your List)

3. Conversions – (Sales, Know Your Numbers Through The Process)

That’s it.

But. it only works if you stay consistent and remain loyal. Instead of jumping all around the place with strategies and traffic methods stay focused like a hawk on these three things why?

Because more than 60 years of statistics in the Network Marketing profession prove that if you stick with one company for 10 years or more, actively participating in company events and continuously promoting your business that you have more than a 95% likelihood of earning a significant six figure annual income. However, most people quit before they ever start. So decide and imagine the leverage you have now with the internet, don’t blow it like 97% of other marketers do when they get online.

If that this is really what you want and you’re going to build online, you’ve got to put the blinders on and no matter what anyone else in the world says, you’ve got to focus I can’t stress this enough.

If you want to build significant passive wealth, it at least makes sense to pursue ONE method of building online (Facebook ads, Blogging) only until you’ve gained the results and residual income that you’re looking for.

Last, but not least you’ve got to get educated. If you want to build your business on the internet, you had sure better learn how to do it in a cost effective, proficient manner. If you’re going to do PPC advertising, become a MASTER at PPC. If you’re going to do article marketing, become a MASTER at creating compelling content. Get educated.

Learn. Do. Teach.

That’s all your doing in this business. That’s all you get paid for.

Keep it simple and attractive. Don’t be pushing your links all over the place online people don’t like that and it makes our industry not as attractive to be apart of, which is exactly why if you want to build an online empire in the Network Marketing profession you need to get educated.

Plus I can’t forget you’ve got to have passion. Look, there are a lot of great companies out there to work but does your company give you PASSION? If not, find one that does, and for heaven’s sake, STICK WITH IT.

Your Online MLM Business has the potential to succeed if you get the education and training that you need to learn the step by step process to creating a dynamic, thriving business online. If you want to learn exactly how to succeed click here and grab your free training.

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