How Organic Essential Oils Are Made?

by Andrew Winslow Best Alcohol For Herbs

Essential oils or aromatherapy oils are very important alternative source of medicines. These oils are available in various stores and grocery markets. One can also get these oils from web stores and other specialized herbal medicine providers. Essential oils are used extensively for medical and non-medical uses. But the best part about these oils is that they have curative properties and are easy to use. Organic essential oils are a further step to get pure and herbal essential oils for usages. These oils can be used as incense, diffusers or as sprays etc. These oils add fragrances to general products while on the other hand, they also boost taste in some foods and confectionaries. Essential oils do not give importance or have been neglected over the time, but in recent decades due to awareness about herbal products these oils have gained importance. These oils have curative properties that can even cure cancers and mild to severe diseases. The curative property to cure cancer is still a matter of research under many universities. With all these great beneficial effects of these oils to people there is an increase demand in essential oils. As we all know that essential oils do not grow or are not available in pure form from nature. One needs to extract these oils and get this pure form of oils that are used for various purposes.

Processes Of Oil Extractions

There are three different widely used processes of oil extractions that are used widely for extracting essential oils. To name them, they are Steam distillation, extraction method, Alcohol distillation method and supercritical extraction methods. All these are different processes under which herbal plants and shrubs or the main element is gathered in ample. From this large stock only a little amount of pure oil is derived because of the nature of the herb. Organic essential oils are also derived with same processes; there is no major difference in the process of extraction for either or organic or non-organic plants. In the process of extraction and especially alcohol distillation method best alcohol in America is used for the process. This alcohol is certified and recommended for the use of the process of extraction. These oils are alcohol soluble and thus it's become easy in the stage of distillation to use best alcohol in America and extract essential oils. The process of extraction is selected depending on the scale and purity requirements of oils. There are many pros and cons of all these methods. There is no right or wrong method for extraction of oils, but the one that suits your requirements automatically is the right one for your usage. These were the industrial method of oil extractions one can also extract essential oils at home in small quantity for their general use. Processes like fermentation and steam distillation on a small scale are useful for easy and safe oil extraction at home. Organic essential oils are made with organically grown plants and fruits. It is the same as other organic products where there is no use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals used in growing plants and shrubs.


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