How low cost of online marketing for SMEs

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I believe now more and more businesses of network marketing have a certain understanding, we also know that network marketing company to give the benefits are great, but I found that many CEOs or people responsible for a loss on how to develop Internet marketing , just keep that "network marketing is very important, very important that we do can make big money." So we Xiao Han to discuss with you our how to do network marketing, network marketing is of course contains a wide things, the limited space here I mainly plain from the search engine point of view, it will not be comprehensive.

First, we must have a clear goal of network marketing, I know, the ultimate goal of most businesses is to become the industry's top, but we need most likely get a lot of new customers, because for small businesses is based on a certain well-known after the amount of customers. Then I think we first determine a few things: We are doing what? How do we do? What we have done? How people say? How to find us?

Our company may have a certain reputation in the industry, if the company is we have some understanding of the potential customers or existing customers, then do not worry about the problem of selling. But we now need to obtain a large number of new customers, these new customers do not know the basic situation of our brand, which is why we need to do network marketing purposes.

First, the company's Web site is a network marketing basis, whether from new customers on the network where to get our information, and ultimately to enter into our website, only to enter the site to learn enough information to determine whether or not to reach final cooperation. So Let's say the basic things within the site, how to build a marketing-based website. So enter the site to new customers in the call or inquiry before the next one will be what kind of process? This is why we began to identify a few things.

First of all we do? New customers into the site the first time know that we are doing the things he wants, which is the product, so there must be outstanding products. Then he is concerned about how our products do, too, but the quality of relations, which is a description of the product introduction, such as: the production process, technical specifications, quality certificates, etc.. OK, we know that he is producing the desired product, and quality is very good, that what we have done, what success stories, then we should have success stories on the website of the show, so new customers to see how much business we have worked, it certainly is no problem. Then he may also fear that the company's third-party evaluation of what, then we should place some media reports, ah, ah, and so a certain certificate. By this time, basically there is no doubt, and very satisfied with all aspects, it would pick up the phone consultation, contact should be the obvious location.

In fact, Internet marketing to do is to solve two problems: how customers found us? How do customers trust us? Mentioned within the site how the foundation is to allow customers to trust our problem, which is based on an internal Web site, done in association with external real, we know that many people will search the Internet kind of like how a certain company information ; because our company name, brand new customers do not understand the situation, so things looked after the site's content he will go to the search company may have negative information, which we need to do outside of marketing information.

We have defined the goal is to get a lot of new customers and establish a brand that our customers? In fact, we want to know what you want into your site who are looking for your site. This is why, because users are more willing to believe their eyes, their own judgments, and the development of the Internet allows users to find information very easily, very low cost. So network marketing is often called "passive marketing", which is a manifestation of its low cost. Of course, real network marketing is done when the initiative contains a passive, reactive and contains active.

So how these customers are looking for us, "search engine" on the Internet, more than 80% of users find information through search engines, whether it is looking for products or browse third-party business information through search engines. Therefore, we focus on network marketing search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is the core of key words, so the first step is to do keyword research, keyword departure from our products to customers as the core to expand, which means that a keyword is not our product, customers will not will go to the search, customer search we meet his needs.

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