How Fortune 500 Companies Use Social Networking Sites to Build their Brands

by Imanuel Jannah Web Designer, Web Master, Web Content Expert.

If you operate an active Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or, Twitter account, odds are good you follow at least two Fortune 500 companies. You might love Microsoft’s brand of how-to-do-it feature stories, Robert kiyosaki’s  entrepreneurial advice and tips, or the story of Toyota’s downward spiral; but the point is that you are reading and sharing with these big companies.

Fortune 500 companies are well-versed in the art of using social networking sites to build their online brand image and keep their business names current. But how are they so successful – and can you follow their lead?

Yes, of course, you can!

In succinct terms, I present to you some of the ways big global companies have been using social media tools for building their brands:

  1. Making Friends with Customers or Clients:
    Most Fortune 500 companies make efforts at getting closer to their customers and clients through social networks. Using Twitter, Facebook or, Instagram gives them the chance to globally “talk” with their  customers or clients, and also address key issues affecting relevant stakeholders in a relatively safe environment. The big companies understand that social media interactions endear them to their loyal customer/clients even more.

  2. Engaging in Online Brand Promotion:
    Social networking sites are ideal for brand promotion and it doesn’t take a lot. Daily tweets, status updates, or interesting photos keep Fortune 500 companies in the public eye.

    Most of them make use of several platforms all at once so they can keep all their customers or clients updated irrespective of which social networking site they have subscribed to. The big companies will share their activities; their plans; news-worthy information concerning upcoming events, campaigns, and projects as means of promoting their brands online.

  3. Gaining More Relevance:
    Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, some big companies fall out of favour with customers or clients. That may pretty much spell the end of those companies as customers or clients stop talking about them. Situations like that have dauntlessly called for the use of social networks for gaining and getting back the spotlight. It doesn’t always work; but when it does, it works extremely well.

  4. Influencing Stakeholders’ Minds:
    On a similar note, many Fortune 500 companies find social networking sites beneficial in rebuilding and maintaining positive brand images in their stakeholders’ minds. Some big companies that have committed some sort of faux pas in public eye have often taken to social networking sites to apologize, explain themselves or otherwise atone for their mistakes. Toyota did so when it had to recall 6.4 million cars globally, and it worked for that company (Toyota).

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