Homeless Children in Thailand

by Salomon A. Consultant
How much did you spent on yourself this week? How many times did you eat today? Did you know that homeless children in Thailand do not have all that luxury? These homeless children are hungry and neglected. But you can help them today! Through our organization you can donate money and help hungry and homeless children in Thailand. We have been providing attention and love to the poor and homeless children in Thailand. You are able to change someone’s life by donating a small amount. Be someone who cares about them, they will be grateful! Whether it be food, shelter, or clothes you have the ability to help someone and change their lives forever. 

There were believed to be approximately 30 thousands street children in Thailand. A lot of children in Thailand are victims of child trafficking. These children live in great danger and awful poverty.

Our Organization, Homeless Children in Thailand, is dedicated to advocating, promoting and campaigning for the rights of street-involved children in Thailand. Homeless children in Thailand are normal children that once had a family and now are forced to live on the streets. They do not need big amounts of many. Small help is enough. With few dollars you can feed a couple of children. 

How we work? We work as a trusted partner for our organizations that are committed to promoting the rights, protection of street children and development. With us you can helphomeless children in Thailand today!

Our mission is to bring people all around the world together to acquire for the social development and educational of the homeless children of Thailand. We are committed to creating a sustainable and better future for some of the most stigmatized and disadvantaged children. You can donate small amount of money without leaving your front door. These children only eat if they can acquire some food on the street. They live in slums or sleeping on the streets. You can see them begging on the Thailand streets. 

You can give these Thailand children’s a second chance in life. We can help them only with your support. Take care for homeless and enable them a better future. Our vision as a non-profit is to help homeless children in Thailand. With your help we can provide school supplies, food, and shelter and others. Our Organization is working on collecting donations for the homeless children in Thailand. Please help us! Our organization needs your help because we depend only on our individual donors and sponsors. 

Help, save and change lives forever. With your help our Organization can provide education, development social, and food supplies. Through donations you can bring light into children’s life. 

Help a child in needs. Everything is welcome – food, clothes, school supplies, etc. Thailand homeless children will be much appreciated. We invite you to learn more about our organization and work. Join us and have opportunity to help hopeless children in Thailand. Do not be selfish and greedy and help homeless children in Thailand today! They really need your care and help. Help them so they do not need to struggle to survive! Thank you… 

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Georgia Vachon Freshman   life skills
i feel sad for those little angels. If i could go work there ,i would just to help out put a beautiful smile on there faces hug them tell them ,and the world they do matter god bless each and everyone of them
Dec 10th 2011 20:07   
H.M. Tahir Khan Senior   Internet Marketing Consultant
Amazing, & an important Article written in an Awesome way, highlighting an Alarming condition of a Problem, from which along with others, Children in Thailand are also Suffering & have affected badly. This becomes our Moral obligation to go forward & HELP these Homeless Children.We cannot make Excuses as we all know, that usually WE Waste a Lot of money on useless things daily, in addition to spending on ourselves, families & friends.Let us realize & do the NEEDFUL at earliest. Let us make a commitment to STOP Spending on USELESS THINGS & HELP those, who NEED our HELP. We can easily Solve the Homeless Children in Thailand's Prblem easily.This is call of the day & WE all should LISTEN to it now!
Dec 11th 2011 19:16   
Salomon A. Freshman  Consultant
I thank you both for good comments
Homeless Children's
Salomon Agustsson.
Dec 16th 2011 02:31   
Salomon A. Freshman  Consultant
Hi my name is Salomon Agustsson and i live in Denmark with my wife
Sakhorn and we have three sons 1-8-14.
When I was playing with my youngest son
I had thought of all the children who have nothing
I see them every time I go to thailand and it bites me in the heart
so i have make A Organization Committed to Helping Homeless Children in Thailand
Now we're collect money for our Organization and Once we have collected enough money
then we will to start our work in Nakorn Ratchasima,
get a house for the children and volunteers to work with us,
Mental Health Therapy program,Child Care Consultation program,
After Care Follow-Up Services,Homeless Children Resource Center,
Basic Need Services and more...
for that we need about $35,000
Now when I write this letter 16/12/11has No one helped us
but I am not giving up, I intend to do this for the Children, I'll never stop
I hope that some one will open their hearts and help us to do this
I know there is a lot of good people in the world, I will find them

Homeless Childrens
Salomon Agustsson.
Our site is
Dec 16th 2011 02:51   
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