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Oil Synthetic happens to be the only dealer of AMSOIL oil that lends a hand in elongating the life of your vehicle, be it a truck, motorcycle, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, marine craft, recreational vehicle, or a racing vehicle.


In order to proffer your vehicle with the finest level of lubrication, and protection, we recommend using AMSOIL synthetic engine oil. Given that, it is not only the best, but also one of the most affordable investments that you can make for your vehicle. This oil works in the smartest way to enhance the efficiency of your motorized equipment. Using this provides you with the best results; your vehicle will run the longest with minimum maintenance and highest fuel efficiency. Since, lubricating oils supports mechanical equipments like none other; the quality of your lubricating oil thus, must be of highest standards. These synthetic oils also determine the longevity of your equipment.


Moreover, there are two main types of base oils: mineral and fully synthetic. It is the engine oils that are labeled as “semi-synthetic” or “synthetic technology” as they contain a mixture of these two types of base oils.


We are often asked to use synthetic oils for vehicles instead of the natural ones, as it said that synthetic oils perform better than the natural oils. That’s because, in the case of engine oils, synthetic products supposedly hold better properties than their natural counterparts. They perform better since they are manufactured using advanced chemical processes, therefore, their molecular structure and properties can be controlled. Also, synthetic engine oils are designed in a manner so as to flow smoothly at start-up temperatures, they, thereby avoid any wears in the machinery.


Not just this, these oils are more insolent to heat, because they are protected by antioxidant additives. Synthetic engine oils are expected to proffer: up to five times better cleansing, up to three times more protection, and less than half as much engine damage. There are n number of other benefits that contribute to enhanced performance, such as the higher level of purity it has, the uniformity and consistency in molecular composition. The synthetic oils can be customized in order to fulfill the requirements of the machinery, and can even perform well under extreme conditions, as they are heat defiant. There are more reasons that improved the performance of synthetic oils, which are:


·         Viscosity reduces friction in the fluid leading to superior flow properties

·         In high temperatures, viscosity and resistance are retained

·         In low temperatures, oils do not thicken excessively


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