Here’s What You must Know About Contemporary Arts

by Kobo Art Art Gallery
What is contemporary art?

The beautiful lines on a canvas filled with colours have been subjects of admiration over the years and still continues to be. Art is an expression of emotion, views and opinions, of your inner thoughts and more. Ideally said, it is a creative expression of thoughts that are conceived by the painter.

Art have been a reflection of the time when it is created. The cave paintings could be considered as the very first form of art work when man documented different incidents in the form of representing symbols in a specific pattern and drew them on the cave walls. Art work of the ancient times would be different from the medieval times and similarly contemporary art is also different from its earlier paintings.

Contemporary art is being practiced and produced in the present time. With time art has also evolved. It has experienced transformation under the influence of a time and related elements.

What are the elements of contemporary art?

Since the term ‘contemporary art’ is being used to distinguish the art produced in the present time, there are some elements which differentiate it from previous forms of art. So let’s take a look at some of the distinguishing features of contemporary art.

•    Contemporary art reflects the current issues which are faced by the modern society.
•    It is used more as an alternate medium of communication to reach out to a maximum number of audiences to create an opinion.
•    Contemporary art uses a number of mediums, mostly Mixed Media Paintings, to ‘produce’ a piece of art.
•    Contemporary art is more commercial.  Painters create them more for earning money from it rather just for the sake or love of painting. There are a number of companies like Kobo, which has a diverse collection of contemporary art works.

What is the relevance of art in contemporary society?

Art is a form of communication, a means to voice opinions and views in a society. The present situations and circumstances of the society are such that it needs more opinions to be voiced to assert the rights of its citizens keep the state accountable and ensure fair environment for all. Besides, people in present society also are sensitive to the appeal of art and are its connoisseurs. Contemporary art is still as relevant as it was before. In fact it has become even more relevant.

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