Here’s How Blog Helps Ecommerce Site to Build on its Brand Image

by Manish Jain Managing Director

The world of Internet is already loaded with thousands and thousands of articles and content pieces that talking about starting a blog today feels pointless. Think of a topic, search it over the web and you’ll find thousands of articles and blogs around the same. For a specific topic, there are already thousands of write-ups available over the web educating the world.

With search engine giant, Google favoring content above all other parameters for ranking, companies are dedicated to producing high-quality content articles. And why not? That’s the need of the hour.

Starting a new blog today is altogether a different story. Competing against lacs of world class bloggers isn’t a piece of cake. You got to be extremely innovative and creative in your approach to win the hearts of people who already have a soft corner for existing bloggers. Then, questions like who would read it? Is it worth to start a blog now? How will I market my content? And more continue to haunt you and hold you back from taking that first step.

But does it worth to start a business blog or precisely saying a blog for an e-commerce site? Apparently, yes. It is a fine idea to kick start a blog for your e-commerce site. You’ll question that why there is a need for an e-commerce store, which has hundreds or thousands of products to have a blog? How can it benefit the store or business? There are quite a few reasons indicating blog will be a great fit to your business’s prosperity and revenue charts.

Consider some of the stats below:

  • 99% of buyers don’t buy products online on their first visit to your website, as reported by SeeWhy
  • People don’t make a purchase until they have seen your marketing ad at least seven times
  • About 97% of online purchases are not completed

Stats indicate that people like to gain knowledge about the product before buying or probably are confused whether to commit on a specific item or not.

In cases like these, the blog comes in for the rescue letting people know more about the product range, their pros and cons, stats, history, usage and more. Above all, search engines love content and that too optimized content, which will steer your website up in the search results.

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Even if you are a proud owner of an e-commerce store, blogging will help in generating traffic and boosting your overall sales. Here are top reasons why the blog is a requisite.

Helps in building trust

One of the common factors affecting buyer’s perception in making a purchase on an online store is, Trust. Unless a buyer trusts a brand, there are no chances of him/her to buy from that specific store. Impersonal presence is the worst thing an e-commerce store can possess. It strips away buyers in one go and never make him/her come back to you.

In situations like these, blog plays a crucial role. It adds that personal touch to an e-commerce website that often misses out. The content treats visitors in a cordial fashion, which one can easily relate to. This not only fascinates or educates the reader but also adds that essential trust factor.

Open gates for new buyers

 A blog can escalate sales in numerous ways, which probably at this point of time are not known. E-commerce sites have relatively low engagement and interaction rate as compared to other websites. A blog can overshadow this by leveraging users to interact with the brand in a convenient manner. A healthy interaction with customers enables you to learn user’s habits, behavior, interests, concerns, preferences and trends, which in turn can help in devising new strategies for expansion.

The insights can be useful in re-strategizing plans for future growth in addition to gaining or attracting new leads that you might have previously failed to target. You can also educate buyers by sharing helpful content that can convert him from a reader to a buyer.

Helps in efficient internal link building

Often marketers overlook one of the important factors of On-page SEO that is internal link building. They urge to earn external links, which are time-consuming and hard to get in lieu of internal link building. They tend to ignore their own wealth on their websites that can levitate visibility of some of their key pages in search engine results page.

Linking a commercial product page to another commercial page is not a good practice rather linking an informative article to the respective product page certainly is. Content-rich pages have more authority than commercial ones, hence generating a link from an informative read directly to the product page can boost traffic, sales and thereby revenue.

Target layman’s queries

How often do you type full questions in Google’s search bar instead of keywords? It’s a common practice for a layman. If you own an online apparel store, then it’s quite normal to have people searching for “what are the latest designer dresses?”

It’s practically impossible to target such queries with your product page’s title, but it can certainly be made possible via blog post featuring latest designer dresses or relating it to a celebrity’s closet with the exact query. Further in the post you can compare and rank them based on certain factors and ultimately link them to product’s page for a purchase to take place.

Rich content boosts ranking

It’s a proven fact now that search engines love content and that too high-quality content. While there is not enough room for e-commerce websites to stuff in content, blogs come into play. They can help businesses to create, publish and market informative articles, which not only please users but also help in populating more relevant keywords helping search engines discover and crawl.

Final Words

Blogs can do wonders to your business no matter if you are an e-commerce site owner or runs a service-based business. Content is the key to get going in this digital space. Rich content helps websites grow and grants users that personal touch, which is often found missing in e-commerce domain.

If you are still wondering why and how, then get in touch with a reputed ecommerce web development company for further assistance and clear your doubts.

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