Have you heard of $5ForFree? Here's a heads up!

by Michelle Hoffmann Inventor/Member at Kulabrands

This amazing system was recommended to me by Sylvia 
Guillemette, owner of Sylvia's News Ezine!

This is going to be a massive c/ash g/enerator! It's a f/ree
membership and this one helps you to build a list. and it will make you a lot of m/oney! 

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Listen to the latest Webinar here for all the details of the system:

NEW 05 Dec 2011 Webinar!

Here's the FAQs on the system:


Q. What is the 5ForFree program?

A. We pay you to grow your own contact list that you can use.
You grow a list of happy people making money and we pay you 
out of our pockets to do it.

Q. Can I really earn money and grow my list for free?

A. Yes. There are no paid memberships in 5ForFree. You make 
$5 just for joining Free and you get paid on 3 levels for telling 
others to go get theirFree $5.

At 5ForFree, Free members get paid in 7 different ways!

1. You make $5 for just joining for free.

2. You make $0.25 for every person you personally bring in for 
free (After you pass up your first two people).

3. You make $0.10 for every person that your personally sponsored 
people bring in for free on your second level.

4. You make $0.15 for every person that your second level people 
bring in for free in your third level.

5. You make 25% from any product that your first level people 
purchase such as the optional Money Plug-in or any other
optional product offered.

6. You make 10% from any product that your second level people
purchase such as The Money Plug-in or any other optional product

7. You make 15% from any product that your third level people 
purchase such as The Money Plug-in or any other optional 
product offered.

Q. How does the 2 pass up system work?

A. Every free member that joins must pass up the first two people 
they bring in and then they never have to pass anyone ever again.

Q. Where do these “Passed up” members go?

A. These passed up members will go to the company unless their
sponsor has the optional Money Plug-in.

Q. What is the “Money Plug-in?

A. An optional advertising Plug-in that will more than triple your list 
and earnings. When you personally sponsor a free member, instead 
of passing their first 2 members to the company, they pass them 
to you and they go into your first level.

As a quick example:

Without the Money Plug-in, if you brought in 10 people you would 
have 10 people on your first level and of course they would have to 
pass up their first 2 members to the company. You would have 10
people on your first level you could contact about anything and make
$0.25 for each of them totaling $2.50

With the Money plug-in if you brought in 10 people you would have 10
people on your first level and they would have to pass up their first 2
members to you. You would have 30 people instead of 10 on your first 
level you could contact about anything and make $0.25 for each of 
them totaling $7.50 But the Money Plug-n doesn’t stop there.

Even the people that are passed up to you will also have to pass up 
their first 2 people to you as well. So the 20 free members you 
received will give you 40 more free members , and the 40 members 
will give you 80 more members, then 160, 320, etc.

You could literally receive Thousands of free member for each
member you bring in if you have the money plug-in!

Q. How much does the optional Money Plug-in cost?

A. The cost of this powerful advertising Plug-in is a meager $10 per 
month. Plus, if you have the Money Plug-in you will earn 50% 
MonthlyResidual Commissions from your 3 different levels (25%, 10%,
and 15%) when they purchase the Money Plug-in. If you do not 
have the Money Plug-in yourself you will not earn these residual 
commissions. But you will still make money for every free member 
that you bring in from the authorized countries.

Q. What are the authorized countries?

A. The authorized countries are United States, Canada, United 
Kingdom, and Australia.

Q. I am not from one of those countries so does that mean I cannot

A. No. You can still join the 5ForFree program, however you will be
placed under the company instead of your sponsor. Also no one 
will be paid commissions for members who are not from an authorized
country – except under special circumstances.

Q. What are the special circumstances?

A. In order for the member to be moved from the company back to 
you they would have to get the Money Plug-in before activating their
account. If they choose to activate their account as a free only 
member they will remain under the company forever.

NOTE: This means that if you sponsor someone from outside of the 
4 countries listed above upon signing up as a member they must 
choose the to get the money plug-in right then. If they choose the 
option to activate their account without the money plug-in they will
remain under the company and not you.

Q. Why do people outside of those four countries have special 

A. There is a special reason why that we do not wish to disclose at
this time. This would reveal a trade secret that copy cats would need 
in order to copy our system. Once we go live and you join it will become 
apparent. But don't worry, everyone from any country may make money
with 5ForFREE. Just advertise to the 4 main countries listed to guarantee 
yourself to be paid for every sign up you get.

Q. I don’t have a sponsor and I am not in one of the four countries so is
it mandatory that I get the Money-Plug-in.

A. No it is not required however you will be throwing money away.
It is really the smart thing to do.

Q. When can I request a pay out?

A. You can request a pay out after joining when your commissions have
reached $35 or more. This should happen fast especially if you have the
Money Plug-in. Our pay outs are scheduled for the 1st and the 15th of 
each month unless they fall on a weekend or holiday then it will be first 
business day following that weekend or holiday.

Q. How do I receive my pay out’s?

A. We are currently setting up multiple payment solutions for members to
receive pay outs. One solution is a MasterCard. You will have this card 
mailed to you, and we will fund it with your commissions. You can use this 
MasterCard even if you do not have a bank account. We also have the limit 
removed so even if you make hundreds of thousands of dollars it will fit 
on your card.

Q. How many accounts do you allow per household?

A. Only one account per household. If there are more than one account 
per household the 2nd and following accounts will be placed under the 
company and not the sponsor. This to prevent stacking.

Q. Is it ok for me to purchase paid sign ups?

A. No it is against our Terms Of Service to purchase paid sign ups. Doing
so will get your account terminated.

NOTE: Anyone caught trying to cheat our system will have their account
terminated immediately and will forfeit all commissions. Eventually you will
be caught so don't even try. Thank you.

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Roosevelt Evans III Professional   Home Business Entrepreneur
I am currently on "the waiting list" for this program but I don't like the way this program is promoted. Promotional material for this program says there are no "paid members" but the members who purchase the monthly $10 "Money Plug In" are de facto "paid members", as I see it. That's false advertising, in my opinion.
Dec 8th 2011 13:08   
Michelle Hoffmann Committed   Inventor/Member at Kulabrands
Udo just pointed that out to me... I guess they figure that it's not upgrading when you purchase the plug in... I don't know. lol
Dec 8th 2011 13:13   
Roosevelt Evans III Professional   Home Business Entrepreneur
I see you are the "Free Spirit" in the marriage relationship while Udo is the "pragmatist". You complement each other well! I'm going to be a little cautious with "$5 For Free" right now.
Dec 8th 2011 13:25   
Lori Cook Innovator   Ready To market!
Thanks for breaking it down!!
Dec 8th 2011 20:17   
Deb Simpson Senior   Health/Fitness Advocate
I watched the webinar. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for including the Q & A section.
Dec 31st 2011 06:26   
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