Handy End of Lease Cleaning Tips

by Karanveer Rawat Author|Digital Marketer

End of lease cleaning in Sydney area is one of the most daunting tasks that tenants have to go through when relocating from a property. When renting out a property, most landlords will require that you make a deposit of the rental bond. This amount is supposed to cater for any damage caused by the tenant on the property during the period of his or her tenancy. To get this money back, when moving out from a house, the landlord checks to see that the house is in the same condition it was when you leased it. One of the best ways to impress the landlord; hence get your deposit money back, is a thorough end of lease cleaning.

Relocating to a new house is known to be a demanding task that requires a lot of your attention. In order to have peace of mind, get your deposit money back and have more time to focus on your relocation, you should consider hiring the best end of lease cleaning company in Sydney. If you decide to do it on your own, here are a couple of tips to help you through.

Cleaning Carpets

If the house has carpets, they will have accumulated dirt and grime at the end of the tenancy. To restore them to their former condition, you will need to deep clean them. The following tips can help, in this regard:

·         Vacuum the carpets thoroughly.

·         Use pre-spray to the heavily stained areas.

·         Always read the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning carpets.

·         Allow the carpets ample time to dry.

Cleaning Window Interiors

This is another area you need to pay attention to while cleaning a house at the end of the lease term. According to the leading End of lease cleaning Sydney professionals, Micro fiber cloths are the best for cleaning the interior of windows. While cleaning this area, the following tips can be of help:

·         Use glass cleaner in small amounts and a wet cloth to wipe the windows.

·         Wipe the glass until it is crystal clear.

·         Use bleach or mould removal spray to remove any mould spots on the windows.

Cleaning the Kitchen and Ovens

Before inviting the landlord to inspect the house, it is vital that you have the kitchen and ovens cleaned. Some of the areas you should pay attention to when cleaning the kitchen include the freezer, microwave, cupboards, fridge and ovens. Since it can be quite challenging to clean an oven thoroughly, you can make use of these tips:

·         Remove the oven door prior to cleaning.

·         After applying cleaners, you should leave them for a few hours for them to take effect.

·         Use steel scouring pads and oven scrapers to remove baked on carbon and food prior to applying oven cleaners.

·         Preheating the oven to between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius before cleaning can make the task easier.

·         Steam cleaners and cotton buds may be used for the last crannies and nooks.

·         Use glass cleaner on the glass part and a stainless steel polisher for the oven exterior to make it shinny.

Moving from one house to another can be a headache on its own. Coupling this with end of lease cleaning will only make matters worse. To avoid this inconvenience, you should hire a reputable End of lease cleaning Sydney Company to handle the cleaning, while you safely relocate your belongings to the new house.

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