Getting Permanent Teeth in 3 Days With Basal Implants

by Taarika Sharma Dental Physician
Every one of us (with rare exceptions) is born with teeth, which develop later into life. The milk teeth, as we call them, fall off a few years after birth to give way for permanent teeth. These permanent teeth will be the ones that will help us speak, laugh, eat, chew and smile for the rest of our lives; from adolescence to senility. And that being no surprise, we care for them with the best available products in the market; we use the best germ-killing toothpaste, the softest and the best toothbrush in the market. Other people also resort to using mouth-freshening and germ-killing mouth washes and dental flosses to get rid of any food particles left between the teeth. People do anything to maintain their oral health and stay fresh.

However, what happens when you end up losing teeth, no matter what the reason, no matter what age you are at?
Yes, you guessed it; you will need dental implants.

Basal implants

The mandibular bone inside the gums in our mouth is the biological position from where our permanent teeth grow. Basal implants are a type of dental implants that are put at the position of this mandibular bone so as to facilitate natural growing of permanent teeth; just like it did when we were kids. The best part about basal implants is that you get permanent teeth in 3 days and don’t have to spend a fortune, neither a lifetime for a new set of teeth. Teeth implanted in the basal implants are as good as permanently new teeth and don’t need your gums to be punctured to be put. Basal implants are easily to use from the dentist’s point of view and don’t cause any weird sensation in the mouth to the patient. It is generally a one-piece implant and does not cause any major discomfort during the procedure. The best news being, the procedure has been a 100% success without any pain!

Permanent teeth in 3 days

For people who have lost teeth due to injury, old age or any other issue, getting permanent teeth with basal implants is the best choice. The entire process gets over in a matter of 3 days, or just 72 hours. That is, from your dentist’s clinic, you could be walking home with permanent teeth in 3 days!  Other implant procedures devised decades ago is pretty painful, involves multiple surgeries and can take anywhere from three to twelve months for the entire process to be complete. Traditionally, the process also required lifting the sinus altogether or even placing bone grafts at the point of implant. With basal implants, the inconvenience for the patient has been reduced drastically.

Truly, basal implants in dentistry have been a blessing.
With this technique, not only can the patient get permanent teeth in 3 days India, but also use these as the actual permanent teeth!

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