Get Paid To Type Captchas

by Karna Suwanda Web Designer
MegaTypers - Easy Money! Easy Job!

Do you want to earn money, by simply typing?
Well, I have the solution for you! There is this new service that pays you via Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Western Union, Liberty Reserve, and WebMoney just to complete simple quick and easy CAPTCHAs[?]! It's easy, and FREE to sign up! All you need is a invitation code, which I give you at the end of this thread!

How much do you get paid?
Actually, they offer different prices on different offers. Some hours it might be $1.50 per 1000 captchas complete, the next hour it may be $3.00. It all depends! The top typers earn between $200 and $350 each month, and the top Affiliates earn up to $5,000 a month! They Pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union.THE BEST PART!
Earn Up to $1000 to $3000 a month!

So getting people to sign up with your invitation code, you get 10% of everything they make! This doesn't mean that 10% of their earnings are given to you, this means they get 100% of their earnings and MegaTypers give you 10% of what they make! So hurry up and start getting people to sign up with your code and BOOM! Make some cash!

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Use one of these codes-





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Mike N. Professional   Helping people save $$
this program doesn't seem to bad,then again it's the internet so i don't know.have you been paid by them yet?doing some research...the things that make you go hmm...
Mar 14th 2012 12:50   
Karna Suwanda Advanced   Web Designer
Not yet sir, but My Friend Already paid.
Mar 15th 2012 02:10   
Ross Will help you Senior   Helping People Make Money
Well i know of this work and I find it to be a total slave labour work $1 or less for 1,000 captcha codes entered. Many are doing it in the 3rd world population and the work is illegal to do as you are cracking captchas to have them solved automatic. I understand for people who are handy cap but most of the captcha company's who do the work are for software to download files and I am against that. and i agree with Mike this work will make you go hmmmm many times.

And to add on that $300 = 300,000 captchas solved correctly. Hmm too much work ull be going cross eyed before you hit 7k I use to do this work a long time ago, However its hard to keep up with and actually get captchas coming in if they can provide the work then its good but a lot of the time you are sitting around waiting for captchas.

A little more to add here. there pay rate is $0.50 per 1,000 correct captchas solved. So it will take you 600,000 codes to make $300 a month who in the right mind would burn through 600k captcas.

That means you would need to solve 21,428 per day on a 28 day rotor to make $300 meaning you would have to solve 829 per hour meaning an average of 14 per min. Hmm seems a lot of work that.
Mar 15th 2012 13:10    Edited in Mar 15th 2012 13:19
Thor Sydneyman Senior   Web Designer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer
i think you need to have a proof that you have been paid before you invite others. You need to protect your reputation so others will trust you.
Mar 15th 2012 18:10   
Ross Will help you Senior   Helping People Make Money
Agreed Thor too many people promote there stuff and put them sellfs down due to no proof and many clam proof is not needed. Proof is the most important factor when promoting business when inviting people.
Mar 16th 2012 02:53   
Yogesh Shinde Professional Be a solopreneur
Joined your program, thanks waiting for you reply.
Oct 30th 2014 00:11   
Yogesh Shinde Professional Be a solopreneur
Invalid invitation code
Oct 30th 2014 00:13   
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