Get a Bike Trainer That Meets Your Specific Needs

by Andy Coper Expert Writer
People who want to stay fit often use a bike trainer to facilitate the process. However, after taking a decision about purchasing a bicycle trainer, they would have to take some time and review the different options available in the market today. They can then decide on the one option that would cater best to their needs. They would have to educate themselves on the characteristics of different trainers after considering factors, such as money, end goals, training needs, and also versatility. 

A bike trainer can be a fluid trainer, a magnetic trainer or a wind trainer; people going in for the purchase would need to understand these three different types of bicycle trainers available today to make more informed choices. The fluid trainers are the costliest and the wind trainers are the least expensive. These trainers differ in the way they produce resistance as a person is pedaling indoors. 
In a fluid bike trainer, resistance is produced by fluid in a compact space. The fluid heats up and thickens gradually, creating a great amount of resistance which can be used by the people using the product. In magnetic trainers, this job of producing resistance is created by magnets. In wind trainers, a fan is used to create the necessary resistance. The fan turns faster as a person pedals and this increases a resistance experienced during the entire process.

If you want bicycle trainers that produce the most resistance during your workout, you can opt for a fluid trainer. The magnetic trainer comes second in this category of “ability to produce resistance,” and the wind trainer falls last. You cannot do without resistance if you want to recreate riding over hills and long climbs through simulation. With a fluid trainer, you get a greater range of resistance to work with. 
If you want a bike trainer that can simulate hills, sprints, and climbing, you can opt for a fluid trainer or a magnetic trainer. For people who desire a lower impact workout, a wide trainer might suffice. You would have to understand your needs and requirements and choose a bicycle trainer after giving each of the different options some careful thought. 

Most of these trainers would be able to adapt to different sizes in bike wheels. You can use them to train with your mountain bikes, road bikes, or triathlon bikes without facing any issues. The best trainers are compact and they can be stored easily when not in use. You can also visit some online stores stocking different kinds of products that you can use to train with your bicycle indoors. 

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