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by Angina Berryz writter

When it comes to good health they say prevention is better than cure. Taking good care of your skin in your 20’s and 30’s will pay off in your 40’s and later. If you have any doubts about this take a look at the likes of Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry. All of these women are well into their 40’s and can easily pass for at least a decade younger. While there is no doubt these women were naturally blessed in the looks department, they would not have maintained their youthful appearances without taking care of themselves through diet and exercise and maintaining the health of their skin. Here are Solvaderm’s recommendations to get that A List spring in your step while still looking forward.

Ditch The Sugar

Long established as something to be avoided in large amounts, refined sugar provides little more than empty calories and considered a trigger for certain health conditions including Type II Diabetes. If this weren’t enough reason to avoid it, it turns out that sugar can exacerbate certain skin conditions such as acne vulgaris and can even contribute to the oxidative stress that causes skin aging. Nature produces unrefined sugars in the forms of fructose and lactose and consumption of fruit and dairy should provide all the body needs in terms of an energy source. As a diabetic Halle Berry’s controlled sugar intake over the years can be seen in the quality of her skin.

Work Up a Sweat

Apart from helping us to lose weight, exercise fulfills a number of requirements to keep the body’s health at homeostasis. As well as improving circulation and cardiovascular function, both of which help blood flow to the skin, it also maintains the skin’s health via perspiration. Perspiration works to cool the body and has the benefit of causing toxins to exit the body via the pores, clearing them of the debris of dead skin cells. Jennifer Aniston works up a sweat with a mixture of running, yoga, pilates and weight training. Not only does she have a fantastically svelte figure for any age but she also manages to maintain that youthful glow that comes with living a healthy lifestyle.

Watch Those Rays

“If I could offer you only one piece of advice for the future, sunscreen would be it.” In a famous column published in the Chicago Tribune in 1997, journalist Mary Schmich offered her advice to an imagined graduating class. Anyone who took her advice would be feeling very smug now as almost two decades of UV protection later their skin would have avoided the number one cause of ageing. Ironically those least prone to sun damage are the most likely to suffer from it. People with pale skin, like Gwen Stefani, learn from an early age that sunscreen is a necessity and get into the habit of wearing it thus protecting themselves from the UVB rays that burn and the UVA rays that don’t.

If Solvaderm could offer you one piece of advice for the future it would be take care of your skin by eating healthily, exercising, following a daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and, of course, always wearing sunscreen.


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