Frequently Asked Questions about GDI

by Szabolcs Titko Working on future

People ask the questions below, so I collected the answers. I think it will help you to see the power of this business. You will want to join and make money! Don't forget, I will be here and help You!

1. Does GDI offer a free trial?

Yes. Global Domains International offers a 7 day free trial. You may choose the domain name of your choice. After you register for GDI's 7 day free trial.

Simply log into your back office and you can build a web page with the GDI's Site Builder ...Or a blog with WordPress ....or a forum ...or a photo gallery ...or a Drupal site.


2. If GDI's trial is free, why do they want my credit card information?

It is simply a part of the verification and automated process. No charges ever take place before the seven days. After the seven days $10 will be withdrawn for the hosting and domain name you chose.


3. Can I Cancel during this 7 day free trial and not be charged?

You will not be charged if you cancel within the 7 day free trial period.


4. What are GDI's payment options?

You may choose to receive your Payments directly to your bank account, a check to your physical address, have Payments sent to your PayPal account.

Popular methods to pay GDI are PayPal, American Express, JCB, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and Debit cards.


5. Is there some sort of time contract? Will I need to remain a member for a certain period of time before I can cancel or be charged a 'penalty'?

You will not be charged if you cancel within the 7 day free trial period


6. Does GDI Premium really pay 15 times more than basic? Yes. GDI Premium pays 15 times more on the first level and 5 times more on the other levels.


7. If I am a GDI Basic member, Will I make more when I sponsor a premium member?

No. In order to qualify for the GDI premium bonuses, you must be a premium member. Note. If they upgrade and you don't, you will not 'lose' them.


8. How long has GDI been around?

Global Domains International started in 1997.


9. I noticed the websites that are "ready for me to use" Do I pay extra for them?

No. They are provided free for GDI members. These highly advanced pages will notify you when someone watches the presentation and automatically send follow-up emails for you.


10. Is there a minimum sponsoring requirement? Will I loose privileges if I don't bring in a certain number of people over a period of time?

GDI will not cancel your membership or reduce the percentage amount of your commissions if you do not sponsor. In fact, many are happy just owning their own .ws website.


11. All this stuff seems pretty complicated!

Yes! There’s some complicated things going on in the background. GDI's tools make introducing new prospects and educating them simple. All you have to do is send people to one of your premade sites ... thank them for watching ...and find out if they have any questions.


12. Where can I go for help?

1st stop is your upline. You can find them in your backoffice. You will also find links to a forum there where they share tips and ideas well as at the GDI Blog


13. I need help with a site name! (domain name)

This is where keyword research comes in. (Depending on the purpose of your site.) If you want the search engines to fall in love with your site, try to use your keyword in your domain name. Longer keyword phrases are better than one word keyword. I would avoid "make money at home" or phrases like it because of the HUGE amount of competition.  

However a domain name like would be a great idea for offline marketing. (business cards, car decals)


14. Can you buy only one domain with GDI?

You can buy as many domain names as you want. Most online marketers have more than one domain name. The closer you match your content to your domain name is the better! (to get search engine traffic)


15. Does GDI support WordPress?

Yes. It is available as a plugin. Simply enable the WordPress blog in the root directory or a subdomain.


16. How do I upload WordPress to GDI?             

You don’t need it. You simply enable it. It is in your backoffice under plugins. Enable WordPress.


17. Do I need upgrade my GDI account in order to receive bonuses?

No. However, You must have your paperwork completed.

Feel free to ask me for help. You can join when You want, but don't forget: Time will not waiting for You!!!

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Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Hi Szabolcs.
6. Does GDI Premium really pay 15 times more than basic? Yes. GDI Premium pays 15 times more on the first level and 5 times more on the other levels.

Are you saying that a Premium member collect 15$ a month from a Basic Member in the first level?
Feb 7th 2015 17:49   
Szabolcs Titko Magnate I   Working on future
Hi Jose!

Maybe I worded that wrong. This is true, when your members are premium user too.
Feb 8th 2015 03:55   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
How can they collect $15 if the member is only paying $10?
Feb 8th 2015 12:02   
Szabolcs Titko Magnate I   Working on future
7. If I am a GDI Basic member, ...

Premium membership has premium fees, but is worth it. When You start the business, it's enough to start with basic membership. After a while You can upgrade Your membership to Premium.
Feb 9th 2015 15:10   
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