Frangible Lead Free Ammunition Provides An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Lead Rounds!

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Frangible ammunition or bullets are designed to powderize upon impact,thereby eliminating ricochet risks and enhancing shooter safety during training with steel targets, or in close quarters combat. Frangible bullets represent the latest and most significantinnovation to firearm science within the last hundred years.Moreover, frangible projectiles are lead-free, offering an eco-friendly alternative to standard lead rounds. Undoubtedly, frangible ammunition has turned out to be an immense player in the ammo industry as it provides a nontoxic, lead-free substitute to conventional lead bullets.
Frangible bullets aren’t made from lead shell enclosed with a copper jacket, but rather are created with composite materials of copper, tin or tungsten compounded together with plastic base resins and are producedvia an injection molding or gunpowder metallurgical production process. Thanks to military goals, state regulations, and EPA regulations, conventional lead ammo is now beingreplaced by green ammos.
Traditional lead bullets are responsible for health hazards & environment pollution:

Traditional lead bullets used in fire ranges or in military training facilitiescan lead to various health hazards and can cause environmental pollution. This can be especially dangerous for military or law enforcement personnel who are required to spend considerable time at ranges for training purposes and who thus face higher degrees of lead exposure.When shooting traditional lead bullets, airborne lead at the firing end can contaminate a facilities air supply and can be inhaled by the shooter, entering into the respiratory system and potentially creating significant health concerns. In fact, using bullets containing lead in military training can result in contagion problems for both outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. Ground waters and lands also get polluted massively by the deposits of lead rounds that accumulate on the range over time. As a result of this very concern, the military has become increasingly concerned about the location of their training ranges and their proximity to water supplies. These concerns are a major cause behind the US military push towards ‘green ammo’.

Lead free ammunition by Ecomass Technologies:

If you are in search of lead free ammunition, then look no further. Since 1998, Ecomass Technologies has been supplying lead free products to clients all over the world. However, one of the earliest and most significant applications forEcomass’ innovative lead free materials has been lead free frangible projectiles.  Originally developed as lead-free training projectiles for law-enforcement and military personnel, Ecomass’s copper and tungsten based compound materials are suitable for both indoor ranges as well as close-quarters combat training.
The utilization of Ecomass lead-free projectiles formed with either tungsten-filled or copper filled composites in small capacity rifle and frangible ammunition enhances safety and eradicates the danger of lead contagion at firing ranges. Ecomass’s frangible projectiles are made utilizing an extremely controlled injection molding procedure that is capable to meet even the most stringent of tolerances to ensure recurring performance with complete function and dependability. As a result of this precision, Ecomass’ frangible projectiles are a ballistic match to standard lead rounds at 100 meters distance.
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