Foods, The King of the Confectionery Industry in the World

by Olathe O. Executive

A confectionery refers to the food items that are of sweet taste and mostly consist of and are made up of excessive sugar. The items are known as confection. Nowadays the term also covers the use of products for artificial sweetening purposes. The primary products included among confectionery are candies, lollies, sweets, cotton candies and some other food items. These confections generally consist of greater amount of calories than other foods but lack micronutrients. Due to the rich amount of calories present in them, they are also used for military purposes and during war to provide great amount of energy.

Some of the confections include hard sweets which are made up for sugar that is over cooked into a hard stage, taffy or toffee which is also a kind of hard sweet which is manufactured by folding layers of sweet at a temperature of more than 50 degrees, fudge which is a mixture of milk and sugar and is normally of chocolate flavor, chocolates which are made up of milk chocolate prepared from cocoa beans and other ingredients, jellies, marshmallows, pastries which are made up of dough that is rich in butter, chewing gums and ice creams which are frozen flavored cream with various toppings.

The companies who manufacture these confections are called confectioneries. Kraft Foods Inc is one of the prominent names in the confectionery industry. Basically it is an American multinational company that deals in confections, food and beverage products in more than 170 countries worldwide. The company is a public listed company that has headquarters in Northfield, Illinois in America and Glattpark, Opfikon, Switzerland in Europe. The company in 2011 split into North American grocery and Snacks Company.

Kraft was originally a part of National Dairy Products Corporation which was formed back on December 10th, 1923. The basic aim of the creation of the company was to dominate the ice cream industry of United States. The firm later acquired different businesses and entered other markets. These acquisitions led it to become the world’s largest dairy company in 1930. These acquisitions include acquiring Phenix Cheese Company in 1928. In 1969, the name of the firm was changed from National Dairy Products Corporation to Kraft co Corporation. The name was further changed to Kraft Inc in 1976. The firm later did many acquisitions and many great mergers. Acquisition of Cadbury Co was one of the prominent among them.

Nowadays, Kraft Foods is researching on products that will require low sugar and salt to manufacture and is also reducing sugar, fats and salt in its current products. This is due to the trend and sudden surge of people’s interest in remaining healthy and the new habit of eating healthy foods.

Kraft Foods is nowadays one of the major companies dealing in the confectionery industry. Since 1923 to date, the company has dealt in confectionery and dairy products. Kraft products nowadays are famous all over the world for their excellent quality.

Kraft Products include Alpen Gold, philadelphia cream cheese cheesecake, Bubbaloo, crème eggs, Cheese Whip, cadbury dairy milk, Capri Sun, Deluxe, Flake, Grevalia, Hollywood Gum, new tang, Handy Maid, Jacobs, Kenco, Lu biscuits, Milka, Mirachle House and Toblerone. Due to the popularity of these products, kraft is considered the biggest maker of confectionery, food and beverage products.

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