Finger Press Techniques to Deal With Back Pain

by Angina Berryz writter
For many years, people have been using self-healing techniques to deal with various body complications including back pain. According to specialists, self-healing techniques such as pressing various sensitive parts of your finger helps bring harmony in your body. It is perceived that disharmony among various systems and organs in your body are the major causes of many complications in your body. These disharmonies are largely contributed by unhealthy lifestyle habits and activities such as poor dieting habits and lack of proper and routine workout. Therefore, it is important to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits with your self-healing techniques to effectively deal and reduce various complications in your body. In addition, there are some people who do not believe in hospitals hence opt to use traditional and self-healing techniques to treat various complications in their bodies. Although these techniques are ancient and against medical regulations, they are helpful, inexpensive healing techniques that produce effective results when incorporated with other medical procedures.

Finger joint release
Using your finger press technique is not only helpful in dealing with back pain but also is an effective method to deal with various body complications. Before starting your self-healing procedure, it is very important to pay really attention on your hurting area to specifically determine the source of your agonizing pain. This way you will be determining the area to apply pressure using your finger to help bring harmony to your entire body. Many people do not take time to understand and determine the exact source of their agonizing pain. This person will never realise effective results because they do not put pressure on the appropriate part of the back. Joint trauma is one of the major causes of back pain and it may not be sufficiently healed through medication therefore, you have to incorporate self-healing techniques such as finger pressing to help reduce the effects of agonizing pain.

Palm of hand release
Pressing finger technique cannot produce effective results on its own; therefore, it is important to incorporate other techniques that are effective. After pressing the painful region with one of your fingers, press on the paining region using the palm of your other hand as if you are massaging the area to effectively release it off its tension. Excess tension on your back joints and muscles is the major cause of great pain in your back. Therefore, engaging in the most effective techniques to reduce this tension is very important in dealing with your agonizing pain. By opening and closing the finger joints, do some tender messages on your paining spot to effectively release the tension.

Lower neck and shoulder release
Incorporating the lower neck and shoulder movements with your finger press helps to effectively deal with the agonizing back pain. The secret behind dealing with this pain is massaging the painful region then releasing the pressure and tension to completely eradicate the pain. Some body movements such as the neck and shoulder movements help in releasing the tension and providing it with a pathway through which it can expelled out of the paining region hence bringing harmony on the entire body. Ensure that you move your neck and shoulder in a manner that facilitates various back muscles and joints movements to effectively expel the tension from your back.

Underside of the collar bone
As mentioned earlier, it is very important to determine and understand the source of your pain. It is important to keep in mind that the agonizing pains in your back may not necessarily emanate from your back but other parts that are interconnected to your back. The collar bone is interconnected with your spine at the shoulder level and it is a major cause of great joint pain. The collar bone supports your shoulders; therefore, excessive pressure on your shoulder can cause collar bone complication which can be easily transferred to your back. Therefore, using your finger to massage various points and spots on your collar bone may help reduce the agonizing pain in your back.

Upper back
Your back is an elongated combination of muscles and joints that run from your neck to your anus forming two sections; the upper back and the lower back. Therefore, it is very important to understand that a disruption on one of the joints and muscles in any part of your back can be a source of great pain in your back. The upper back is responsible for supporting and absorbing pressure from your upper body and in most cases, you largely engage your upper body as you carry out your daily activities. Therefore, massaging your upper back using your fingers is crucial in dealing with the agonizing pain.

The self-healing and treatment techniques have been in use for many decades and they are effective in realising effective results with proper medical combination. Before applying any of the finger press techniques, ensure you determine and understand the exact source of your pain. Then press the spots of your paining region as if you are massaging the area to realise the most effective results. Incorporate other body movement techniques with this technique to provide a pathway for expelling tension on your paining region.


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