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The tendency of most of the children is such that, they do like to go to school in the beginning, but after some time, it becomes a bit difficult for them as the homework creeps in. In such situations ‘when the child doesn’t consider the school as fun place any more’, then the Parents and Teacher’s role comes into play. It is up to them as how they assist the child so that he/she starts to enjoy the school and be enthusiastic and happy.

More than 90% of the child’s brain development happens by the age of 5 years’. Therefore,      Preschool plays a significant role in the overall evolution of a well-versed and an accomplished person. The most essential ingredient in any Preschool/Playschool must be the curriculum, but sadly 99.9% (approx.) of the Play schools in Gurgaon don’t have any curriculum at all.

If anything close to curriculum that the Preschools in Gurgaon have is the Syllabus and that too, just for the sake of demonstration to the Parents at the time of admission. Unfortunately, this show off of the so called ‘Synopsis of Curriculum’ is not only limited to the old-fashioned school, even the popular Preschool chains, Corporate Preschool Chains which are located in the posh colony of Gurgaon are not doing anything exemplary on the ‘Preschool Curriculum’ perspective to command the respect.

Preschools Gurgaon have mastered the art of fooling the parents in all these years. They are in the world of their own and think that Parents take admission only because of these below mentioned reasons:

·         Parents get influenced by an experienced and an old aged Principal.

·         The school management thinks that Parents take interest only because of the shiny buildings.

·         Parents get manipulated by a well spoken Admission counselor.

·         Management of the school believes that Parents get tempted by Plastic toys, Bags, T-shirt and other equipment properly displayed.

·         Parents show their interest only because of the well-documented advertisement.

  Now, this is the time of soul-searching and self-observation for the Parents, whether they   would continue getting manipulated by ‘what Preschools think about them’ or would take some appropriate actions to overcome all the inadequacy.

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