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The first time experts’ mode (Hardcore) concept appeared in Diablo 2, and different from normal mode, under experts’ mode you have only one life, once you death, you will not be able to use the characters and all of the items and install will also disappear together! It is the game mode specially designed and prepared for the players who like adventure; you need to have enough psychological ability to face any eventuality.


When Diablo 3 Beta test a patch to 14, blizzard join the experts mode (Hardcore) function in the game, the function is retained the official version of the game. When you have a more than 10 levels after the role, you can start to build expert role model. Established in the role, blizzard gave very conspicuous suggest, hope players can value the mode and be ready for some consequences. The game has the following some experts’ mode key features:

The role of the model can't raised expert, if your character under death, you will ever lose it;

The role of death will be moved to the "mighty men killed t hall", where you can mark "die" hero you

The role of death doesn't take the role of the space bar foundation;

Experts’ mode is not able to use cash auction houses;

Experts’ mode and normal mode of sharing storage box can't general;

Safety first, any time survival is the first. Maybe you never dare to try to get through the difficulty of purgatory.

Obviously, the expert mode luck becomes very important, of course, and net.


Each more than 10 levels can move into the role of the mighty men killed hall, and will have the following options can operate:

Archive Hero

If you want to move into the mighty men killed role the hall?        

Delete Fallen Hero

You can keep this mighty men killed in the hall of the heroes of the file.

Are you sure you want to permanently delete role?

You reach the number of dead heroes storage limit.

Please visit the first mighty men killed and remove some heroes’ record and etc.


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