Environment Friendly Briquettes and Their Production

by Sandeep Sherawat Search Engine Expert
Briquettes are small blocks of flammable material that are used as a fuel to initiate and maintain fire. They can also be considered as a household and industrial fuel which is made by biomass waste. It can be made in different sizes and shapes (cylindrical or square). Burning features of briquettes generally depends upon type of mould used and the level of compactness. These briquettes are renewable; so used and demanded widely. In addition, producing briquettes is the best way of treating with waste coming from residential and commercial areas. 


• Coal briquettes

• Charcoal briquettes

• Biomass briquettes

• Wood briquettes

• Peat briquettes

• Straw or hay briquettes


• Used in boilers to generate stream

• Used for cooking  and water heating in residential areas

• Fuel for gasifiers to generate electricity

• For metal heating and melting

• Used in agricultural industry


• Briquettes burn slowly so can burn for a long time

• They are denser, harder, and more compact so easy to store and carry as well

• They can produce more heat comparative to any other fuel

• They are renewable source 

• Uniformity and standardization

• Low overall fuel cost as they are made from biomass waste which is easily available

• Minimizes dependency on non-renewable resources like natural gas, coal, and petroleum etc.

• It doesn’t emit smoke while burning

• Briquettes are easy to make and can also be transported easily

• They convert waste into fuel therefore help in biomass waste management

Raw Material

Raw materials used in the manufacturing of briquettes are easily available as they are either in the form of waste products coming out from different industries as well as industrial areas or from residential waste. 

• Waste paper and cardboards

• Charcoal dust

• Saw dust

• Rice Husk

• Agriculture residue (leftover leaves, grasses, stems, straw etc.)

• Biomass waste

Briquettes can be made either from hands or by briquetting machines. Today there are a number of briquetting machine manufacturers for offering high quality machinery at affordable prices. These machines are further divided to treat with different kinds of waste so different type of briquettes can be produced.

These machines range from simple manual process to a fully motorized and complex type. The main thing to consider is the quantity of briquettes you want to produce. If you are producing it at small quantity you can go for handmade briquettes but while producing in bulk for a large project using briquetting machinery would be a smart idea.

For producing briquettes by hand, feedback is mixed with water and a binder. This binder holds the entire material. Then it is molded into balls and left dry. On the other hand, briquettes made by machines can add value the product and also increase amount of briquettes a single person can produce in a day. So, take a step ahead towards protecting the environment and cleaning the surroundings.

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