Empowr a Scam? Decide for Yourself!

by Gloria S. Author

The Empowr social network has decided to take the traditional power structure that corporations use and make a few influential changes.

Whenever a company decides to try something new it’s met with a bit of skepticism because people are unsure how managing a task like allowing customers to vote for a president of a company is going to work. They might also be worried that these promises to give more power to the customer might not be genuine. So, is Empowr a scam? Decide for yourself!

The Empowr Demporation Concept

Empowr wants to give customers a chance to elect the president of their company because this means that customers will be able to pick leadership that will represent their needs and interests. When customers can find the right leaders for the companies they work with it will help them feel more satisfied with the changes that are made to the company and the kinds of products a company produces. Empowr refers to this as the demporation concept because it is bringing democracy to the corporation in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Reducing the Influence of Shareholders

Corporations in the United States allow their shareholders to elect their board of directors and the board of directors picks the CEO or president of the company. This may feel like this is incorporating some level of democracy into these decisions, but when you look at this concept more closely there are a few key opinions lacking from this hierarchy. Namely, customers that use a corporation’s products and the employees that keep the corporation going are left without a voice in major decisions that will impact these people directly.

Shareholders have invested their money into a company and are hoping to make a big return on their investment. Therefore they are going to vote for a board of directors that focuses on the profits that a corporation could be making. These decisions do not always translate to better working conditions for employees or better products for customers, which can leave a majority of people who are influenced by this corporation feeling like they are being taken advantage of so a select few can make a profit.

The goal of Empowr taking on the demporation concept is ensuring that there is less of a focus on profit and more of a focus on serving the public. Empowr believes that if customers get their needs met more effectively by a corporation it will actually translate to bigger profits for the corporation because users will feel more loyalty to the brand. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

With these kinds of incentives on the table, Empowr hopes to encourage other corporations to start following the demporation model as well. As the idea of following the democratic model in business expands it could increase the overall well-being for a lot more of the public over time because corporations would be more conscious of the issues that the public cares about. This will make it much easier to make the big changes that our society feels we need.

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May 12th 2014 23:40   
David A. Junior  Just here to read
From what I see, it isn't a scam at all. I mean, to be a scam it has to be proven to be one, and nothing I see proves it's a scam. Empowr is far from a site to scam people, it gives people a chance to make an honest living. It may be a bit confusing at first for some, but once you get the hang of things, and remember to pay for your ad credits, things will go fine.
Jun 19th 2014 17:14   
Sam M. Junior  Internet Marketer
Empowr is not a scam it is very good opportunity how you can earn money on-line. It's a social network where users are the owners. Empowr is a community where we have proved cooperation works for the benefit of all. There is no doubt that anyone who follows the guides can earn there - and more do every day!
Aug 22nd 2014 10:10   
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