Email marketing: The secret formula of 7 email marketing cracks

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#4. Tim Bourquin

Free or paid content?


Tim Bourquin like most new bloggers, offered its content for several weeks through several emails for free, thinking that this way, your subscribers would appreciate it.


After offering so much information and free content, Tim sent an email with payment content and thought his subscribers would buy it without hesitation, but ... that's not what happened. Incredible but, many were upset as Tim did not offer them any more free information.


The advice that Tim gives us is that in every email you send with free information, include a link to the product you want to sell through a link or a call to action. Even if you offer free content, your audience has to know that you do not live on the "air" and that your content, your time, knowledge and experience have a value.


There is nothing wrong with giving your subscribers gifts, but they should also understand that your ideas, advice and time spent on your products or services come at a price.


#5. Navid Moazzez



 Navid Moazzez shares the email marketing technique he uses when launching a new project, such as his Virtual Summits.


Navid creates on your website a Banner or Pop-up in which you give something interesting with high quality content for the user to enter their email in exchange for that content. If the product you offer is really good you will make your audience interested in your next offerings.


According to Naviz Moazzez, at the moment the user subscribes you have to send 3 newsletters throughout the day reminding you that you have a very interesting product and that the deadline to get it ends just that day or on a particular day.

Did you send them in a row or in a time interval?


The first email must be sent in the morning, the second at noon and finally the third email must be sent one or two hours before the end of the offer. According to the expert, doing so ensures multiple sales throughout the day.


 # 6. Frank Bria


Frank Bria advises us how to get a high participation to your live webinars by sending a series of very "worked" mails to people who have already registered.


The goal is to get the largest possible percentage of those registered.


Frank advises you to send 3 or 4 emails in the course of several days before the date of the event in question. In these emails we must tell a story, that story should lead the reader to understand the content you are offering.


For this you must follow 3 steps;


In the first mail you send, you must prepare the scenario, introduce yourself and explain what you offer in detail. This first email is one of the most important, thinks that it is the first contact and as we all know the first impression will determine whether they are interested in your business or not, so you have to seduce the reader with your story in such a way that Read all the contents of the newsletter until the end and at that moment finish with something like, tomorrow I will tell you much more.

In the second email you send, you have to complete the information you provided in the previous email and it is at this point where you have to focus the reader in 3 or 4 points to achieve a positive result. Then you must end this email saying something like "I'll tell you how to do it tomorrow"

Finally, in the third mail you send you have to focus your efforts on trying to turn the reader into a potential customer, for that, at the end of the email you must introduce a call to action. With this you will be able to encourage them to take the step to go to the page of purchase or for example that they register in the seminar or webinar that you are going to realize.


·         The calls to action should be:

·         Short, concise and specific

·         Persuasive and convincing

·         Fascinating and appropriate to the design of the newsletter

# 7. Cody Lister

All of the above tips serve to attract subscribers but another factor you should keep in mind is that it does not help to have thousands of subscribers if you do not take care of them and strengthen the relationships you have with them over time.


Cody Lister advises us like other experts to use Pop-ups to attract thousands of new subscribers who are interested in the issues that we are going to deal with massive emails through Email Marketing services like Mailrelay or Mailchimp.


Once you have got the sales from your customers, it does not all end here, at this point you must build relationships with the customer, you will have to create a link with the people on your list individually asking for example to talk to them through Skype or by phone.


This tactic will work wonders to increase your income and in addition, you will have hundreds of people on your list who really trust you and want to buy your products or services.

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